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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Number One of RTMF Florianópolis Pousada Hi Adventure

The Number One of RTMF in Florianópolis, Brazil was Vi Kakinho. In December 9th, that might be someone else...
#1 of RTMF at Pousada: December 8th and 9th 2012
The Number One of RTMF at Hi Adventure Pousada next December 8th and 9th

For the third consecutive year, the The Number One Amateur of RTMF at Pousada Hi Adventure continues with an event that is becoming the traditional Amateur Bowl championship in Brazil.

Some of the best bowl riders worldwide are coming from Brazil, so any contest over there, either Pro or Amateur is worth double checking. Of course, the best Barzilian bowlrider is Pedro Barros, but a lot of other kids are ready to show the rest of the world how you skate a bowl in Brazil. Some of them include: Alan Resende, Caique Silva and especially Murilo Peres and Vi Kakinho.

Murilo Peres skates with a more mature, more explosive way and a lot of speed and is showing both lines and amazing tricks but
Pedro Barros fixing the last tiles: like for Endeavor, each tile is important. Photo Helge Tscharn
Vi Kakinho is like the little brother of Pedro Barros...

The last stop of the RTMF was held on the first weekend of July 2012 with a record number of enrollments: 90 junior, women, beginners and amateurs and for the first time the women's category was added and they showed up in numbers!

The December venue will be as usual at the Pousada Hi Adventure, where all the skaters could abuse the mini ramp, the super Finger Board Skate Park with a replica of the bowl, and the famous Pizza Pankeka that are already in traditional championships RTMF.

Pedro Barros testing live the new concrete and coping of the Pousada Hi Adventure. Photo Facebook. 
Another surprise this December is that the Hi Pousada bowl was totally redone by the RTMF family, including a brand new coping by Andre Barros… The coping block is the "soul" of any bowl and for those who still think that a metal coping is as good as a concrete coping, you might as well burn in hell….

During the reconstruction of the Bowl at the Barros residence in Florianópolis Andre Barros, father of world champion bowl, Pedro Barros, told us of the difficulty of finding raw material in Brazil to make the perfect track at the international level and that’s when he got the idea of producing their own RTMF coping blocks that they used both for their own bowl and the Hi Adventure bowl.

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You can watch the number one of RTMF

Don't miss live broadcast on the Internet via isTia.Tv on December 8th and 9th.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, November 18, 2012 


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