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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Daniel Cuervo needs your help

Daniel cuervo needs your help
Daniel Cuervo, Skateboarding video, Madrid skateboards, Venice Skatepark
Daniel Cuervo at Venice

Daniel "The Crow" Cuervo's father passed away when he was only 8 years old. When Daniel was 12 he found guidance and camaraderie through Skateboarding and hanging out with the older guys at the Skatepark. This is where Daniel found his Passion and Dream- To become the Best Pro Bowl Skateboarder in the World.

After winning over 50 local Street and Vert Contests in the Dominican Republic, Daniel became the DR's National Champion and got the invitation to Compete in the United States by The Skatepark Association of America. Daniel's extreme work ethic and disciplined practice paid off as he won the 2008 "Grom Fest" in Canada! After about two years of traveling back and forth from the DR to the US, Daniel secured Sponsorship from Maui & Sons Surfwear, who paid for his "Pro Athlete" P-1 Status Visa, allowing Daniel to live and stay in the United States to pursue his passion and Dream of becoming one of the best Pro Skateboarders in the World.

Since Daniel's first trip here to the States, he has competed in some of the biggest and best Pro Skateboard contests, demos and events winning not only the hearts of many fans but also a place in the top 16 of the Best Pro Bowl Skateboarders in the World- Not too far from reaching his Ultimate Goal...

What We Need & What You Get

Daniel needs $5000. to pay for
the attorneys and filing fees for his new Pro Athlete Visa allowing him to stay here in the United States and Continue to compete on the Pro Tour.

Everyone who Contributes to Daniel's cause will receive something very special from Daniel such as an autographed action photo, a tee shirt from Jimmy'Z or Maui & Son or Osiris or a New Autographed Daniel Cuervo Model Skateboard from Black Leather Racing (Some of Daniel's Product Sponsors).
If we do not raise the entire $5000. through this campaign, we will still use all of the funds that are raised to pay for legal and Visa costs.

The Impact
Dreams do come true if you follow them, and Daniel Cuervo is one of the most Amazing young role models in the Skateboard Industry. He doesn't drink, smoke, swear. He helps kids and always has a huge smile on his face. He has followed his Heart and deserves to stay here in the United States. He also plans on becoming a US Citizen someday and if you ask anyone who knows Daniel or has met him- The World needs more young people like Daniel Cuervo! Please help him stay here!

Other Ways You Can Help
I know things are tough for allot of people, but even if you can't donate financially, we would appreciate if you can help by getting the word out! Put this on your FaceBook, Twitter, or MySpace Or send out to all your Peeps via email...whatever you can do will be rewarded with AMAZING GOOD KARMA!!

Go visit this website to help Daniel Cuervo

Thank You and GodBless!

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