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Thursday, December 20, 2012

King of Mar Del Plata Bowl Contest

Video of the King of Mar Del Plata Bowl Contest
King of Mar Del Plata Skateboard contest
Ivan Damico, Damian Picardi, Pablo Martinez and German Iglesias the new Kings Of Mar Del Plata
The Mar Del Plata King of Skateboarding

Argentina is not only the country of the Alfajores, the Dulce De Leche, The Tango, Onda Vaga, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Los Cafres, Soda Stereo o The Tren de la costa… It is also a country where skateboarding has overwhelmingly grown in popularito over the past years. Take a look at Coco Cianciarulo, our protégé. She was named one of the most important skater girl of 2012 and she is coming from Buenos Aires, the capital… This past week-end, the KING OF MAR DEL PLATA contest took place at Mar Del Plata (also called Mardel o Marpla). The event was organized by the Association of Skate Marplatense where Ivan D'Amico showed all his old
Pablo Tatu Martinez, King of Mar Del Plata Bowl Contest 2012
Pablo Tatu Martinez
school style in the bowl of Bristol Skatepark and was crowned champion in the Legends category, in an event that promised to start walking on the path of the classics. With a real party, which did not lack anything, and a temporary distributed rain and wind at different doses, ended the first edition of The KING OF MAR DEL PLATA.

Bowl Legends: The work of the judges was not easy, two runs were enough to stop on track to six finalists; Roldofo Durrieu, Damian Piccardi, Mariano Gonzalez, Pablo "Tatu" Martínez, Germán Churches and Ivan D'Amico.

The first show their credentials was the local "Tatu" Martínez, with its classic style and those "Invert" that populated several pages of the defunct magazine Champions, he flew the flag Skate marplatense before his public recognition. Damian Piccardi was perhaps the most resource demonstrated when deploying tricks, Germán Iglesias was another that despite 40 years is to keep spending wheels in a bowl. Mariano Gonzalez taught how to fly it with style, and "Rolf" Durrieu skidded as he knew the real story write Skate The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pampa.
King of Mar Del Plata Skateboard contest 

King of Mar Del Plata Bowl contest results
1. Iván D'Amico.
2. Damián Picardo.
3. Pablo "Tatú" Martínez.
4. Germán Iglesias.
5. Mariano González.
6. Rodolfo Durrieu.
7. Nicky Biondi.
8. Marcelo "Mosca" Bejanelle.
9. Damián Balducci.
10. Cristóbal Bocci.
11. Pablo Fontes.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, December 20, 2012 


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