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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lance Mountain's Coffee Tables Collection

Coffee Tables Collection with Lance Mountain
Lance Mountain's Coffee Tables

Something that started as a pastime evolved into an art and now might a be a product... Lance Mountain is well known for having a nice collection of coffee tables that he modeled after the pools he rode, or that he wished he rode... He is so perfectionist that he adds every details, even the dirt, the deathbox, the graffitis... Take a look at it...
Lance Mountain, Pink Motel
The Pink Motel Backyard Pool
Lance Mountain, Backyard Pool Table
As seen in the video... Photo Unknown
Lance Mountain, Backyard Pool, Coffe Table, Future Primitive, Gonzales Pool
The replica of the Gonzales Pool. Lance skated that Pool in "Future Primitive", but it was skated
as early as the 70's. After almost 40 years of being skated by everybody, the pool was
destroyed last year when a new owner bought the house. Photo Unknown

The Gonzales pool. Dogtown hot spot.
Skated for 4 decades. Photo unknown

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Saturday, December 22, 2012 


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