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Monday, December 3, 2012

Number one of RTMF Florianopolis livestream

This is the link for the live broadcast of the Number one of RTMF Florianopolis livestream
Live breadcast of the Number One of RTMF contest in Fiorianopolis...
Photo Helge Tscharn
Watch #1 of RTMF Live on isTia.Tv

The Number One of The RTMF is an international skateboard bowl event held at the Pousada Hi Adventure of Florianopolis in Brazil. The contest is organized by the RTMF Family, namely Pedro Barros and Andre Barros and receives amateur skateboarders from all over the world! Argentineans, Peruvians, Americans, British and Brazilian many are already confirmed for the most anticipated Brazilian tournament of the year for anyone who really likes to fry a coping block and walk with soft shafts. Guys like CJ Collins, Vi Kakinho

The big attraction this year is the very clue that the Pousada is literally reformed for the champ. Every block coping, tiles and new curves!

The contest is sponsored by Drop dead, Creature, Indy and Pocket Pistol and will feature a grandstand, a big screen and a live broadcast on isTia.Tv.

The Hi Adventure Bowl has been retrofitted with a new concrete and new Leo Kakinho coping blocks made by RTMF 
The Number one of RTMF also have the traditional amateur championship half on Sunday with a demo by Marcos Gabriel, Rony Gomes, Pedro Barros, Marcelo Kosake, Carlos Piolho, Rodolfo Ramos, Nilo Peçanha and other professionals (including Chicken that will be covering for Thrasher Mag!)

The number one of RTMF will be broadcast live on isTia.Tv on December 7th and 8th, 2012!

Vi Kakinho a couple of days ago for the grand opening of the biggest bowl in Peru. He will be present at the Number One of RTMF...

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