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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sr Flavio: Dagas Doradas Skate Rock

Sr Flavio clip: "con la dirección de Diego Niembro, Luca Paolino, SrF, y las increíbles cámaras de VitO RiveLLi, y FedE en cámara super 8!." Che Barbaro!!
Sr Flavio: Dagas Doradas Skate Rock

Los Fabulosos' Flavio already proved the apple doesn't fall far from the tree (the Cadillac doesn't go far from the lot?) on his first solo venture. Nueva Ola, the new LP from Sr Flavio is just as bouncy and eclectic, just as jam-packed with zany joie de vivre as Supersaund. But this time around, all the zipping, zigzagging rock is primarily glued together with ska licks and sock-hop grooves. It can almost veer into the cartoonish at times, but the energy of tracks like "Dulce Babalu" -- with its retro Ritchie Valens-meets-Ricky-Ricardo rock playfulness -- and the Bo Diddley beat of "Linda" are positively infectious.

On top of being good musicains, the Sr Flavio crew skate in the Ciancuralo bowl, the same bowl where Coco Cianciarulo rules...

Sr Flavio
Flavio Oscar Cianciarulo (born July 26, 1964), aka Sr. Flavio, is the electric and upright bass player from the reunited Argentine band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.[1][2]
Sr. Flavio (as called by fans and members) has been the bass player from the beginning of the band when they were called Cadillac 57. He also sang many of the songs, and was one of the main song writers of the band along with singer Vicentico.
After the unofficial separation of the band, Sr.

Coco Cianciarulo: Argentina and proud of it

Flavio began a solo career, first with Flavio Calaveralma Trío and later with La Mandinga. He has also released a folklore and heavy metal album in collaboration with Ricardo Iorio and an album with Misterio, a band he formed with his son Ástor (drums) and Nico Valle (upright bass).

Enjoy the new clip from Sr Flavio, filmed at the Cianciarulo's Bowl in Argentina...

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- Interview with Coco Cianciarulo

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, December 02, 2012 


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