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Friday, December 21, 2012

The best Brazilian skateboarders of 2012

Leticia Bufoni
Leticia Bufoni, best Brazilian skate girl of 2012
The best Brazilian skateboarders of 2012

Four years ago, CemporcentoSKATE, the Brazilian skate magazine held a ceremony to declare the Brazilian SOTYs. Las December 20 Elis Regina Auditorium in St. Paul, was the scene of another edition of the CemporcentoSKATE awards. First held in 2009, the event was created by the magazine to reward skaters and major events of the National Skate. The 900 guests present at Anhembi conferred closely the presentation of awards and honors those who have contributed to the growth of Brazilian Skate during the year 2012.

Under the command of the masters of ceremony Jhordão Bianca and Paul David, the audience followed the consecration of Luan Oliveira, who won the main prize of the night, the Skater of the Year in 2012, made choice through open voting on the website of CemprocentoSKATE, Luan where it received 28% of a total of 24,128 votes. Who stood out was also Xaparral Lucas, who once again was voted Best Street Skater Professional category that emerged victorious in 2009, CemporcentoSKATE Trophy debut. Another highlight in 2012 was a bitter dispute between the videos, won by Capital Skateboard, "Skateboard: Love it or Leave it". Another name that stole the show of the night was Marcelo Formiguinha, chosen as the Best Video Part.

With the completion of the Trophy, the Journal CemporcentoSKATE terminating the event calendar of the year 2012. The success of the fourth edition of Skate's highest award reinforces the importance of recognizing the achievements of those who struggle daily to build the strength of the national Skate. Check out the winners of the Trophy CemporcentoSKATE 2012.

Best Street Skater Pro - Lucas Xaparral
Best Vertical Professional Skateboarder - Pedro Barros
Best Female Skater - Leticia Bufoni
Revelation skater - Alexandre Calado
Special Award - Film Festival BR 1
Amateur Skater Street - James Lemos
Best Amateur Skater Vertical - Murilo Peres
Best Public Lane - Tatu Skate Park Madureira (RJ)
Best Event - Red Bull Skate Generation
Best National Video - Capital: Skateboard: Love it or Leave it
Best Video Part - Marcelo Formiguinha
Skater of the Year 2012 - Luan de Oliveira

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, December 21, 2012 


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