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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Eddie Elguera Frontside Invert

The Eddie Elguera Frontside Invert of 1979

The year was September 1979 and SkateBoarder magazine was the bible. Every month, we would anxiously review our mail box to see if the paradise on paper had arrived.
Eddie Elguera
Eddie Elguera Frontside invert in 1979 (left) and 2012 (right). Can you spot the 7 differences?
Larry Bertlemann doing a Bertlemann

SkateBoarder magazine was not only the best skateboarding magazine of the 70’s, it was also the best skateboarding magazine ever. Never mind what the others say.
And in that September 79 edition of SkateBoarder, Eddie Elguera was featured on the cover with a Frontside Invert. The legend says that the Frontside Invert was invented out of the Bertlemann, a move on semi flat banks trying to mimick the slides of Larry Bertlemann, a surfer whose moves inspired not only the Z-Boys of Dogtown but the whole skater generation of the 70’s. A Bertlemann was not hard to do, but it was so stylish and at the time, style was the key, so it was the hottest trick ever.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, skateboarding quickly shifted from reservoir banks to pools and the Bertlemann became more difficult to do. The legend says that Jay Adams started to modify the Bertleman by grabbing the board with the hand that was not used as the fulcrum.

Lance and the Phelper: Back in the days, Eddie El Gato Elguera was the one for the FS Inverts

But eventually, it was Eddie Elguera who immortalized the Frontside Invert (an extension of the Bertlemann) with that 1979 cover. Then he lost it…

Can you believe this?

See the video? Now you can't write an article about Frontside invert without mentioning Eddie The Cat Elguera, the Phelper said it. But, all things being equal, Eddie Elguera started to learn it again and now, he does it like it was 1979 all over again. And Eddie always falls on his feet, even 35 yeasrs after!!!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Saturday, December 15, 2012 


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