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Friday, December 21, 2012

Vi Kakinho Interview with isTia

Interview with Vi Kakinho, the other skate prodigy of RTMF Florianópolis

Vinicius Kakinho captured by the lens of Helge Tscharn at Florianopolis, Brazil...
Any resemblance with Pedro Barros is purely coincidental
You can try hard to tell me that Vinicius Kakinho and Pedro Barros are not half-brothers and I won’t believe you. Vi Kakinho is the son of Leonardo Barbosa, aka Léo Kakinho, one of the top Brazilian hardcore skaters who helped fund RTMF and sometimes referred as Brazil’s Dog Town and Pedro Barros’ posse in Florianopolis. After he won the Brazilian championship in Itaguara in 1985, Leonardo Barbosa Godoi, became one of Brazil's best skater, representing Brazil in a world Cup in Germany. Then, Léo Kakinho moved to Florianópolis and switched to surf, but he never lost his basic love for skateboarding.

Still, Leo currently lives with his family in Florianópolis and skates at the Pousada High Adventure’s bowl and the newly resurfaced Rio Tavares MF backyard concrete bowl at Pedro and Andre Barros’ house.

In an interview that I did with Pedro Barros a couple of months ago, he told me that Leo Kakinho “is a legend of the 80’s; he skated with Hosoi and all. His son, Vi Kakinho skated in the Combi and got 4th. Leo Kakinho is kind of our Hosoi in Brazil. He was the first 13 years old kid to become pro back in the day. He got his first Tatoo when he was only 12 years old and his pro model came out when he was 13 years old. He has been my father’s friend for 20 years and he introduced the skate board to me and my dad! So he is the reason for all of this.

RTMF, Vi Kakinho, Leo Kakinho
Is this another coincidence? These are two generations of skater, little Vinicius best known as Vi Kakinho only 11 years at the time this picture was taken and his father, Leo Kakinho 40 years old. Same smooth style, is the lil’ one following the same steps of the Father?
Leo Kakinho. Photo Andre Barros

Leo Kakinho is probably very proud of his son, Vinicius Kakinho, especially now that Vi has been signed by Monster.

But even if we have a lot of respect for Leo Kakinho and his accomplishments over the past decades, this profile is not about him, but about his son, Vinicius, Vi in short.

Vi Kakinho has everything to become one of the best skaters in the world: at the last #1 of RTMF held at Pousada Hi Adventure last December 2012, Vi Kakinho was constantly skating at warp speed. He destroyed the edges with his board thanks to bs, bs tail, fs nose grind and still managed to got air with melon fs, fs and bs heelflip. It was impressive! And all of this, of course, padless! At the end, Vi Kakinho finished 1st . Early in December 2012, Vi also won contest at the Skatepark of San Borja, Peru, attended by skaters like Rune Glifberg, Mike Anderson, Pedro Barros and Renato Souza.

Being part of the RTMF family is a blessing and Vi knows well about that. Here’s Vi Kakinho interview with isTia.Tv


isTia.Tv: What is your name, Vinicius Barbosa, or Vinicius Kakinho? Vi Kakinho: Vinicius Barbosa. I inherited the Kakinho name from my dad. Kakinho, it’s how they used to call my dad back in the 80s!

isTia.Tv: When did you start skateboarding? Vi Kakinho: Skateboarding has always been part of my life! Never been without it. It’s like you asked be when I started speaking or walking!

isTia.Tv: How old are you? Vi Kakinho: I’m 14 years old now! I was born on 1998, February 7th.

isTia.Tv: Where do you live? Vi Kakinho: I was born in some hospital in Curitiba, but just it was because it was a better one for my mother to have me as he parents were living there. But I’m from Florianopolis, RTMF.

isTia.Tv: How many bowls do you have around Florianópolis? Vi Kakinho: Now we have a few bowls. It used to be only our bowl.

"I just wanna skate. I don’t care about future!"

Vi Kakinho, Pousada Hi Adventure
Vi Kakinho at Pousada Hi Adventure before resurfacing. Photo Helge Tscharn
isTia.Tv: What are the bowls that you ride most of the time? Vi Kakinho: RTMF bowls – Pousada and Pedros’.

isTia.Tv: How many bowl riders are there in Florianopolis? Vi Kakinho: Now a lot. Now it has just started with a lot of people skating bowls. All my dads’ friends had lots of babies years ago, now they grew up and became kids. Kids are grown-ups now!

isTia.Tv: What is RTMF? Vi Kakinho: RTMF, it’s how we name our community. That was an expression we gave to the life style we live. Everyone here has something to do with skate, surf, music and art.

isTia.Tv: Have you done contests abroad? Vi Kakinho: Yes I did Manly Australia Open AM, the AM TEC Pool Party, but I didn’t make the final. Florida Bowl Rider, I made the final, then Peru I won. But I don’t care much about contest. My sponsors want me to skate for the fun not for the contest, so I’m good.

isTia.Tv: Where else have you skated in the world? Vi Kakinho: Australia, around NSW, New Zeland, Spain, France, Califa, Florida, Oregon, Nicaragua….

isTia.Tv: In 2010, the very first skate generation was organized at the Pousada Hi Adventure. How was the contest at that time? What was your level at that time? Vi Kakinho: Every contest there it’s insane. It’s not just a contest; it’s a big party time. It’s hard to say about the level. Murilo, and others guys were already ripping that bowl up and I was just a local skater.

isTia.Tv: To how many contest have you participated at the RTMF Bowl? Vi Kakinho: About 10 maybe at RTMF bowl and 7 at the Pousada Hi Adventure Bowl. I won 4 #1 of RTMF contests!

Pedro Barros and Vi Kakinho in Spain
Young Vi Kakinho with Marcelo. Photo Unknown

isTia.Tv: Was it difficult to win the last #1 of RTMF in December 2012? Vi Kakinho: The bowl was totally rebuilt so it was new for every one even for me. We had guys from all over Brazil and some other countries, and some of these guys showed up put strong from nowhere.

isTia.Tv: Are contests important? Kakinho: They are important for sure but that’s not my deal to much as it is for Pedro. Pedro is a natural competitor, he can do it, I cannot. I get nervous…

isTia.Tv: What is the most prestigious contest of the year, the only one you can't lose? Vi Kakinho: RTMF for sure. It’s my homebase. I can lose, but I wanna win this more than anyone else. The level, it’s so big that whoever take that, can go home as a gnarly skater. RESPECT it’s what you get!

isTia.Tv: What about those guys?
Leo Kakinho. My dad, one of the biggest names in skateboard history. That’s enough.
Marcelos Kosake - The teacher - still one of the gnarliest skater yet.
Leo Kakinho at Florianopolis. Photo Andre Barros
Rodolfo Ramos - Friend, RTMF too. So gnarly skating bowl and street.
Oscar "Mad" Edinger – He is a dog!!! RTMF too. He’s is in Porto Alegre, but he is always around
Eduardo "Alemao" Dias. - RTMF – RESPECT – Owner of Drop Dead, Indy and all the good shit here. THE BOSS!!
Otavio Neto - Crazy and gnarly skater - So natural!!
Raimundos Ramones - Camon dude, best music -
Pedro Barros - Brother, family, IRMÃO
Andre Barros Second Father, my godfather. Take care of every thing - THE RTMF GOD FATHER

isTia.Tv: What is the state of friendship with Pedro Barros? Vi Kakinho: Let’s keep it that way, my dad is Pedro’s
Pedro Barros on top of the mega-ramp
dads’ best friends for 20 years! We all did the same thing together ever in life.

isTia.Tv: Who are your best friends outside of Skateboarding? Vi Kakinho: I don’t have!

isTia.Tv: Brazil is extremely well endowed with hi level skateboarder. In the past years the following Brazilian have been at the top of the WCS ranking: Pro Street - Rodolfo Ramos, Vertical Half - Marcelo Bastos, Pro Bowl - Pedro Barros, Street girls - Leticia Buffoni. So, what is so special with Skateboarding in Brazil? Vi Kakinho: We need to do that to keep skate in Brazil, and we need to skate to find the happiness!

"RTMF vegetarian? We eat thousands of cows every year."

Vi Kakinho during the Skate generations contest at Florianopolis. 
isTia.Tv: How important is the family for you? Vi Kakinho: Everything!

isTia.Tv: How old is your father? Vi Kakinho:40

isTia.Tv: Did Leo Kakinho start with surfing or skateboarding? Vi Kakinho: He skates since 11. Pro skater and surf for fun. Skate is his life, but when he surfs he is gnarly too.

isTia.Tv: Do you skate with your father? Vi Kakinho: WTF! Obvious

isTia.Tv: What is Leo’s level in the bowl? Vi Kakinho: In Brazil he wins all the master contest! He won big pro events in the past!

Vi Kakinho, Pousada Hi Adventure
Vi Kakinho at Pousada Hi Adventure
isTia.Tv: When did you start being better than your father? Vi Kakinho:Hahahahaha just now! He will kill me for that… But he still can do many things that I can’t.

isTia.Tv: Do you think surfing helps you with your skateboarding? Or do you think skateboarding helps you with the surfing? Vi Kakinho: Yes for sure, both… I skate much more then surf! I skate all the time…

isTia.Tv: How often do you surf? Vi Kakinho: When it’s small and good condition. Summer all the time!

Vi Kakihno BS Indy during #1 of RTMF contest. Vi ended #1. Photo Helge Tscharn

isTia.Tv: With who do you surf? Vi Kakinho: Pedro, his dad, my dad, Marcos Garden Groove, Netinho (Pro Surfer), Rickinho and all RTMF crew.
isTia.Tv: Where do you surf? Vi Kakinho: Back yard.

isTia.Tv: What was your best surfing day? Vi Kakinho: Fuckkk, any perfect day as anyone who surfs can imagine. Perfect, glass, of shore, warm water…

isTia.Tv: Would you ever leave Florianópolis to go leave in another place? Would you go live in California? Vi Kakinho: Sorry, nooooooooooo!!!

isTia.Tv: People know you for bowl riding, but what is your street level? Vi Kakinho: I will learn, it’s just because we almost live in the dirt….

isTia.Tv: Would you switch vert and bowl for street? Vi Kakinho: I like speed and big air tricks. I wanna learn all. It’s no choose for that!

isTia.Tv: What do you prefer: vert or bowl? Vi Kakinho: Bowl, concrete.

isTia.Tv: What makes vert difficult and what makes bowl difficult? Vi Kakinho: Vert its more training skate. 2 flat walls. Bowl its millions of types!

isTia.Tv: How do you see the future of vert skateboarding? Vi Kakinho: Vert!!! I don’t know. It will be there always. Vert means anything with vert. These days flow areas has vert, bowls has vert, half pipe has vert and some street spot has vert!!

isTia.Tv: Can one be excellent in vert and bowl at the same time, or is that impossible? Vi Kakinho: Do you know Pedro Barros??????? Alex Perelson, Rune Glifberg, Omar Hassan???? Steve Cab, Lance Mountain, Duane Peter???

Vi Kakinho, B/s Smith
isTia.Tv: Are vert and bowl going two different ways or are they going to evolve in the same direction? Vi Kakinho: Man; bowl it’s not vert (half pipe) !! Who said that? One goes straight and other goes around!

isTia.Tv: We see more and more street tricks in the bowls, do you think street skaters can one day surpass bowl riders at their own game? Vi Kakinho: Noooooo. You can see trany tricks in street, but they will never surpass. I don’t like to have this kind of comparation. Skate is skate. This shit about street, vert, bowls, concrete, wood, this is all bullshit. We get to learn all!

isTia.Tv: Sometimes you wear pads, sometimes not. What are the reasons why you do not wear pads? Vi Kakinho: Depends how I will skate the place. If it has a lots of vert, you better use pads otherwise you won’t try big air many times as you want.

isTia.Tv: Would you say that if you want to stay on top, you have to invent new tricks? Vi Kakinho: Not in these days. I think you need to skate all and have lots of power.

isTia.Tv: What tricks have you invented? Vi Kakinho: hahhhahahahhahah

isTia.Tv: Most old school skaters have one or several tricks named after them. Would that be an achievement for you to have one or several tricks bearing you name? Vi Kakinho: I just wanna skate. I don’t care about future!

This is just to give you an idea of what went down at the inauguration of the Skatepark of San Borja, Peru, attended
by skaters like Rune Glifberg, Mike Anderson, Pedro Barros Vi Kikanho and Renato Souza. At the end, Vi Kakinho
won the contest thanks to tricks like this Melon Grab. Photo Helge Tscharn.

isTia.Tv: How do you learn new tricks? Vi Kakinho: You get to watch videos. They are so gnarly. I learn when I see someone doing and I Like. I’d like to learn the Fucking 540. Everyone likes that and I think it must be good to spin like that in the air.

isTia.Tv: What about Tom Schaar’s 1080? Vi Kakinho: I don’t care about 1080. Spinning must be good, but 540 it’s enough after that it’s hard to put style on it!

isTia.Tv: What’s better, a lot of tricks or lines with style? Vi Kakinho: Lines with style for sure!!

isTia.Tv: How do you do with school? Vi Kakinho: Its hard, but I still doing!

Leo Kakinho FS Ollie at RTMF Bowl
isTia.Tv: Are you vegetarian? Vi Kakinho: RTMF vegetarian? We eat about thousands of cows every year. Hahhahahahahaha That’s what we do most here. Surf, skate, music and BBQ

isTia.Tv: Who are your sponsors? Vi Kakinho: Volcom, Vans, Monster, Evoke, Indy and Drop Dead. All my sponsors are serious important for me. Most of them are my friends and others are doing the right thing for skate and for me. I’m able to help my family, friends and also travel around the world doing what I love to do!

isTia.Tv: If a very big company outside of the skateboarding industry would ask you to ride for them what would you do? Vi Kakinho: I don’t care, just don’t try to change myself or make me do fake stuff!!!

isTia.Tv: Apart from Ron Gomes, who else has a ramp and/or a backyard pool in Brazil? Vi Kakinho: Now a lots of people are building something to skate in their back yard. In Floripa we have at least 15 like that.

isTia.Tv: Can you tell me how you see the following skaters:
Mitchie Brusco – Nothing to say
Tom Schaar - Nothing to say
CJ Collins – Real skater and fucking gnarly

isTia.Tv: Are you pro or am? Vi Kakinho: AM of course

isTia.Tv: What advice would you give a bowl skater that wants to learn new tricks? Vi Kakinho: Try, but try it perfectly. Don’t try just to make it, try to make it good!

isTia.Tv Something else you want to add? Vi Kakinho: Thanks
Thanks a lot Vinicius!!!

Thanks a lot to Andre Barros for helping with the interview and Helge Tsharn for the amazing pictures. Helge has been following RTMF Crew for some years now and has an astounding collection of pictures about what is going down in Brazil now.

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