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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vi Kakinho wins the # 1 of RTMF for the 4th time in a row.

Vi Kakinho wins the # 1 of RTMF for the 4th time in a row.
Re-brodcast of the Number One of RTMF contest in Fiorianopolis... Final Cut
The Pousada Hi Adventure in Florianópolis. Photo Marcos Kbça Moreira
For the fourth time, the bowl of the Pousada Hi Adventure in Florianópolis, SC, hosted the 2012 edition of the #1 of RTMF contest Saturday. This year, the bowl, original painted with a bright red, was resurfaced and new coping was added.

The Number One RTMF 2012 debuted the new bowl of High Adventure after his retirement and transitions left the track very fast and technical. Judges on the bench were skateboarding greats like Brazilian Marcelo Gomes and Ron Kosake.

The competition was an amateur event, but by no means the level of competitors ceased to be very high, the event was transmitted live on isTia.Tv on Friday and Saturday with a huge affluence between
Photo Marcos Kbça Moreira
3pm and 5pm on Saturday evening.

Besides the competition in the categories of amateur, beginner, Bantam and female, the event also featured demos of professionals between the runs.
In females, the winner was Bia Sodré with Antues and Emily Nicole Santana completing the podium.

In the amateur category, Vi Kakinho and Murilo Peres fought a great race at a high level throughout the final.

The title ended up with Vi Kakinho who won for the fourth time RTMF Number One Murilo Peres was second and Allan Resende was third.

#1 Of RTMF Amateur results
1- Vi kakinho
2 - Murilo Peres
3 - Alan Resende

#1 Of RTMF Girls
1- Bia Sodre
2- Emily Antunes
3 - Nicole Santana

1- Iam Poleto
2 - Gabriel Penteado
3 - Guilherme da Luz

Iniciantes -
1 - Matheus Guerreiro
2 - Augusto Akio
3 - Pedro Quintas

All pictures: Marcos Kbça Moreira

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