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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Allysha Bergado: the one time Combi Pool Classic Cast Member

Allysha Bergado: the one time Combi Pool Classic Cast Member

Girls Combi Pool Classic 2012
Girls Combi Pool Classic 2013
On January 19th the 3rd Girls’ Combi Poo Classic will take place at the Combi Bowl of Vans at Orange. This is the contest for which the skater girls have been training all those months. This is the contest where you have to participate. A number one place at that contest is a pass to fame (but not for money, unfortunately)…
The winner of the last Girl Combi Pool Classic was Allysha Bergado. She won it over her best friend Lizzie Armanto who is #1 at the WCS annual ranking. Since Allysha and Lizzie are so close (they are not only best friends, but their level is very similar), the big question was, who will win the Combi Classic this year? Allysha, Lizzie or another girl? This year, the girl’s level has soared even though there was few girls contest in 2012 so a challenger winning the contest in 2013 was highly probable…

Unfortunately, on December 26th, a heart wrenching news landed on Tho Bergardo’s ears (Allysha’s mom) and she reported in Facebook that: “Last night I got a call that Allysha was in a car accident.. I can't tell you how horrible a feeling that is to hear that about you own child... Good news is; it could have been worse...

Allysha Bergado, Vans, Combi Pool
Allysha Bergado at Vans in 2010, that's three years ago... 
The accident happened just after she watched "The Hobbit" at the Orange 30 movie theater on Wednesday night; right after a skateboarding session at Vans Skate Park. But the young X Games veteran is trying to remain upbeat. "Got in a car accident 2 nights ago - looks like I'll be riding a different set of wheels for a while," Allysha wrote on Facebook. Then, Tho said that her daughter will be limited to a wheelchair for the immediate future and has
Allysha Bergado at Bellmars Pool. Photo RusPix
casts on both legs.

Not only Allysha had to postpone her driving test she had planned to take January 9th, but she is definitely out of the January 19th Vans Skate Combi that she won with great hoopla last year. "She was pretty bummed out in the ER," said Tho. "The fact she can't skate is probably what made her the most upset."

Allysha was a passenger in the car driven by a friend. Coming back around midnight, there was an unlit black abandoned car in the middle of the freeway and that "They didn't see the car until it was too late," Tho Bergado said. "By the time they saw it, they hit it."

"I'll still have fun watching Girl's Combi though,"
Allysha Bergado Mute Air at Exposure 2012. Photo Dan Sparagna
Allysha wrote on Facebook. I made a call to the WCS to see if they would take Allysha as a judge of the contest, but they answered that they would study the option. After all, it would made sense that the winner of the 2011 Girl Combi Classic judge her peers.

I have known Allysha for 5 years now. I remember sessions at the Combi when I could still skate with her at the same level. She passed me a long time ago and there is nothing wrong with that.
Allysha at Exposure 2012. Photo Chris Zsarnay

Even though I have nothing to do with her accomplishments, I am very proud of what she has done: she is actually better than a lot of guys that I meet at the skateparks… Three years ago, in March 2010, we did an interview at the Combi and she was already very pro at the time. We sat on one of the table in the open area of the street area and the sun started to set, bringing fresh air, almost cold. In the pool, Tony Mag, Chris Miller, Jeff Grosso, Lonnie Hiramoto, Priscilla Lee and Mimi Knoop were skating. Mimi was working on inverts in the square bowl and Grosso was skating like a freight train trying to slide as many blocks as possible in the round pool. He actually won the slide contest that year with a 28-amazing-tiles victory, beating Cab who slided a couple of blocks less than him. As usual, Tho was outside, behind the fence, watching her baby grow, maybe not even comprehending what the future had in store for Allysha. I was so impressed with her skating that the title of the interview was: “Allysha Bergado: totally committed to vert and pools...” That was prescient, maybe, but it seems so far away now…

So, a couple of days ago, I caught up with Allysha again and asked her what really happened that famous night and how she was dealing with such a bad news… Here are her answers…

Allysha Bergado: I was on my way home one night from the movie theater with my friend. They were driving and I was in the passenger seat. We were merging out of the carpool lane and before I knew it we hit a car. The car was a parked, black abandoned car with no hazards or any lights
Allysha Bergado, Vans Combi Pool
"Don't give up.! Because our greatest victories are not in never falling, but always getting back up when you do. 
So if you want to learn something new just be confident and stay determined:). Don't let others put you down 
and strive for what you love. :)" Allysha Bergado. Cast Member at Vans!!
on at all! So nobody saw the car and it was also very dark in the area that we were driving in.

isTia.Tv: How serious is the fracture? Allysha Bergado: Well I have a fracture in my right ankle and a sprain/hairline fracture in my left ankle. The first two weeks of the injuries hurt pretty badly and I had to take some pain medication...but the pain has gone down a bit now. Since it was in both of my ankles I am currently in a wheelchair!

isTia.Tv: How long will you be out? Allysha Bergado: Probably a couple of months...

isTia.Tv: Will your sponsors help you? Allysha Bergado: I know that they are sending out their prayers and good vibes:)

isTia.Tv: How do you feel not being able to participate to the next contest? Allysha Bergado: I was very bummed when I heard that I couldn't compete in the next contest because I know that it is one of the biggest competitions of the year for the girls!! But there is always next year and I know I will enjoy watching the contest!

isTia.Tv: Do you know if you will be judging the Girls' Pool contest now that you can't skate? Allysha Bergado: don't think I will be judging, although that'd be cool.

isTia.Tv: What Can I do to help you? Allysha Bergado: Hmm....Just send your love, prayers, and good thoughts!! Thanks Xavier!

Thanks to Chris Zsarnay, RusPix and Dan Sparagna for the pictures...

If you want to support Allysha, send her good vibes on her Facebook account at Allysha Bergado

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, January 09, 2013 


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