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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Allysha Bergado, out for the Girls Combi Pool Classic, judging in sight?

Allysha Bergado, out for the Girls Combi Pool Classic, judging in sight?

Allysha Bergado, Skater Girl, Potrero De La Sol skatepark
Allysha Bergado at Potrero De La Sol in 2012. Photo Brian Shamanski
After an accident late December where she fractured her right ankle and sprained/hairline fracture her left ankle, Allysha Bergado will be out for a couple of months and she won’t be able to compete in one of the biggest pro contests for the girls this year which is the Girl’s Combi Pool Classic at Vans Skate Park. She says that: “It’ll probably feel weird skating once I'm back on board since I’ll be out of it for a while, but I’ll be back to my old self soon!

She was about to enter the first XGames contest for girls in a long time in Barcelona, and even though it will be tough for her, she says that she: “believe I’ll still be able to do that! I don’t think I’ll be out of skateboarding until the Summer. That would be the biggest bummer ever to miss out on probably one of the most fun contests of the year!

Allysha Bergado in San Francisco, 2012 Photo Mahfia
Since she is part of the best skater girls around and since she won the last Girls Combi Pool Classic in 2011, I thought she would be first in line to go judge the new Girls Combi contest this year. So, I contacted Don Bostick, the Director of the World Cup Skateboarding and the organizer of the Girls Combi Classic. He said that he was “sorry to hear about her injury and wish her a speedy recovery. We will miss seeing her skate the Girls Combi!

It is definitively something that we all miss, especially since Allysha and Lizzie, some of the best friends on earth, won’t be able to compete against each other this year. But what if her forced activity would give her a pass to participate in the judging? Don Bostick told me that: “Concerning judging, the judges have been decided on for some time now, so it's not possible to include her on the panel. I might suggest that we give her judging score sheets and it would be very interesting to see how her scores to compare to the seasoned judges; Sasha Steinhorst, Christian Hosoi and Steve Caballero.

Allysha is sponsored by Hoopla Skateboards, Mahfia.TV, Etnies, 187 pads, S-One helmets, Bones Wheels/Bearings, SoCal Skate Shop and Independent trucks

Thanks to Brian Shamanski and Mahfia for the pictures.

Read on isTia.Tv her interview and the entire story of Allysha Bergado accident.

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