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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Converse Fix To Ride #6 Brusquitas, Argentina

Converse Fix To Ride, Brusquitas Argentina. Foto Sebastian Pogo tavano
On January 19th, Brusquitas and Converse organized the 6th Fix To Ride contest at the skatepark of Complexo Las Brusquitas, Argentina. All pictures by Sebastian Pogo Tavano
Converse just did the ​​episode 6 of "Converse Fix to Ride", the most important competition of Skate Summer in Argentina.

The day began at 10 am in a bowl recovered located in Barrio Las Brusquitas, Miramar. The first competition was the Converse Fix to Ride Kids, which tested the skills of the youngest and Valentino out as winners Damico (1st place), Manuel Martinez (2nd place) and Ignacio Cervantes (3rd place).
Sr Flavio Dagas Doradas
Converse Fix To Ride #6 Claudio Cichero. Foto Sebastian Pogo Tavano
Then it was the turn of the Master, the legends of the discipline. The winners were Ivan Damico (1st place winner and father of 1st place in the category Kids), Nicholas Polar (2nd place) and Chuis Maneiro (3rd place).

Closing an ideal afternoon for the skate, it was his turn to the best professional skateboarders from Argentina who ran in the category winners were Dario Mattarollo Pro (1st place), Sandro Moral (2nd place) and Milton Martinez (3rd place).

Among the guests present was the family of former Cadillac, Flavio Cianciarullo (video above) father of Coco Cianciarulo, who approached Miramar with his family to participate in your favorite sport and support the action taken by

Brusquitas Bowl contest with Converse. Foto Sebastian Pogo Tavano
Converse to spread the sport.

Converse Fix to Ride was born six years ago in order to fix and recover abandoned spaces and return them to the community so you can continue practicing skate.

For this edition, we chose the legendary bowl of the 80s of the Brusquitas Neighborhood. This simulates bowl Californian pools that were used in the 70's, and requires a high level of riders to walk it.

Besides being repaired each year, this space is operated by different artists. This time the charge of this task was Patricio Pascale speaking the bowl and turned it into a watermelon.

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