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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ditch Day with Dave Bachinsky & Phil Ladjanski from lowcard magazine 1 week ago

Ditch Day with Dave Bachinsky & Phil Ladjanski
from lowcard magazine 1 week ago
Dave Bachinsky,  Phil Ladjanski, Lowcard, Ditch Skateboarding Videos
Dave Bachinsky and Phil Ladjanski.

Ditch Day with Dave Bachinsky and Phil Ladjanski. Video by Matlin.
Dave Bachinsky will always be known as the dude that kickflipped El Toro. Crazy. But then you look at his history of injuries and it’s that much crazier. Because, contrary to what you’d expect from a guy willing to fling his life straight down a 20 stack is the fact that he’s never been to the hospital. At least from skateboarding.
At age five Dave and family moved from St Louis to Lowell, Massachusetts where he piddled around on skateboards due to the positive influence of two uncles. By age 13 he was hooked for life. He still lives in Lowell today where he proudly represents Pioneer Skateshop owned by his uncle Steve.

Young enough to have come up in the Internet age, Dave is one of these kids who got popular on YouTube long before the sponsors saw his true potential. The masses recognized him as one of a rare breed of individuals that has both an amazing hardflip and the ability to slay transitions. On top of that, he makes everything he does look like butter.

In 2009 Dave entered his first Dew Tour where it was no big surprise that he won hearts and minds with his hyper tech slash light as a feather approach to every obstacle on the course. What was a surprise is that for a guy not known even slightly as a contest skater, he stayed cool under the glare of the arena lights and finished with an 11th place year-end ranking. To help put this all into some sort of perspective, just think of Dave as a guy who can do it all, and looks good while doing it.

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