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Friday, January 11, 2013

Europe`s Biggest Vert Ramp 2012 Copenhagen.

Biggest ramp in Europe at Copenhagen
Biggest Ramp In Europe
Europe`s Biggest Vert Ramp 2012 Copenhagen.

"It is with great pleasure to say that we have finally completed Europe`s biggest Vert Ramp right here in Copenhagen, Denmark. Where else would it be built when you consider everything else that happens here in this town.

Up until a few days ago this thing was covered in a 20cm of snow, and today it was ice so some photos may look a little blemished and wrong in some ways when in fact its ice messing with the image.

This is a very well shaped ramp considering it is just a Vert ramp.

The 4 outer corners fold inwards to create some more lines within and generate a different rhythm to the overall feel of the ramp.

There is quite alot happening in this design, so much so that it is a very technically difficult ramp to ride. Vert ramps in general are difficult to get your head around because of their sheer size, but to then have so many other things going on also makes this quite the challenge. Can`t wait to see Rune Glifberg skate this thing.

Decided to not go to crazy here with details on the main body of the ramp. Simplicity was always going to be a better result in this circumstance."

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, January 11, 2013 


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