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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Girls Combi Pool Classic 2013: results and highlights: Nora Vasconcellos wins

Girls Combi Pool Classic 2013: results and highlights
Girls Combi Pool Classic 2013: the video
Girls Combi Pool Classic 2013: the video Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic 2013 - Division 2 (15 - 27 Years)
Nora Vasconcellos and Lizzie Armanto #1 and #2 at the 2013 edition of the Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic
I like contests. I know it’s the wrong attitude in skateboarding. If you are a true skater, you are punk-rock anti-establishment and you hate contests. That’s how it goes. That’s how it should go.
But, I always liked contests. Not so much because there is a clear winner at the end, but because it is an awesome opportunity to gather with friends, friends of friends, skateboarding gurus, photographers, writers, blogger, industry rainmakers or just unknown skaters. Let alone the best skater girls on the planet…

Believe me, you learn more by watching those girls shredding for 2 hours than an entire year watching nasty skate porn on You-Tube. I like contests because it shows an amazing sense of community and awesome resilience of the skater girls who gathered today at Vans. Those skater girls are the community of skateboarding; as no woman alone is an island, entire of itself; each is a piece of skateboarding, therefore a part of the main.

The best hamburgers in town are courtesy of Mr Vans Himself. Photo Heidi Lemmon

Free lunch at Vans

Those bowl contests at the Vans’ Combi Pool always have something that other contest don’t. Maybe that’s because the place is half closed, half nested in the corner of the skatepark or because there is free lunch served by Mr. Vans (Steve Van Doren) himself.

Nora Vasconcellos winner of the 2013 Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic
The 2013 edition of the Girls Combi Classic was the largest all-girls' skate contest ever. With over 50 girls competing Saturday for a 12K prize purse. 50 girls. Amazing!! Never saw that before… Too bad for the naysayers that did not support girl skateboarding all those years. You jumped out of the bandwagon, let there be consequences. Vans did not jump out nor they jumped in actually. They always supported OUR skateboarding and we are forever indebted  From the competition's very launch, more free lunch was served, but this time, right down the pit, in the form of buttery smooth lines perfectly seasoned with frontside boneless footplants, 50-50s and outrageous aerials, served up hot with side orders of ollies, stalefishs and eggplants, what a recipe it was!!. As the competition went on; the girls kept dishing out more and more divine delights. There were feebles to fakie, tuck knee inverts and nosegrinds for spectators to chew on right up to the very end. But despite the buffet of soul satisfying tricks only three women would roll away with a 1st place win (one in each division).

Arianna Carmona #1 Under 14
Division one (14 and under)represented the young, upcoming riders.
1 Ariana Carmona
2 Poppy Starr Olsen
3 Jordyn Barrett
4 Bryce Wettstien
5 Madi Thomas
6 Pauline Brannon
7 Annika Vrklan
8 Lilly Graves
9 Hanna Chumley
10 Tarryn Ross
11 Chasity Collins

Division two (15-27) represents the high energy, pro performance that have grown to define the scene over the past few years, amazing.
1 Nora Vasconcellos
2 Lizzie Armanto
3 Julz Lynn
4 Alana Smith
5 Hunter Long
6 Nicole Hause
7 Amelia Brodka
8 Abby Zsarney
9 Brittney Conrad

A very emotional Cara Beth finished 4th of the over 28 division... 
Division three (28+) is a representation of all of the women who have been pioneering and inspiring for years. Division three is representative of the masters division for the guy’s events and much needed to highlight these women. The ages are not a definitive placement, but hopefully allow the girls to shine the brightest.
1- Karen Jones
2- Catherine Folsom
3- Jean Rusen
4- Cara Beth
5- Lauren Callahan
6- Mansy Esch
7- Natalie Das
8- Kim Peterson
9- Nicole Noller
10- Ocea Iveson

A small step for humanity, one giant leap for skateboarding. Lizzie Armanto #2 15-27

Poppy Starr Olsen, the star from Down Under flew from Sydney to participate at the contest. She is #2 of under 13
Read Poppy Starr Interview on isTia.Tv

#1 Nora Vasconcellos

Nora Vasconcellos is a multi-disciplined athlete that has earned competitive honors in both skating and surfing. She also enjoys snowboarding, photography and design. She just followed Amelia Brodka’s path and just moved from the East Coast to the San Diego area. She is 19 years old and undoubtedly has a long skate career ahead of her.

She has been a frequent competitor at the Oregon TriFecta, Florida Bowl Riders events, the Dew Tour and the X Games. In 2011, she came in at fourth place of the Girls Combi Pool contest. She was 2nd at Exposure 2012. Frankly, before the contest, I had placed Nora #2, with a dead heat between Lizzie And Julz. So, when DD announced that Nora won the contest, it was totally unexpected.

But in retrospective, she was the best today. She had higher airs, more powerful grinds and an awesome bag of tricks. Today marks a watershed in girls skateboarding. The old heroes of the past have been passed by an emboldened younger generation. All for the best of skateboarding and today, the judges did the right thing by awarding the 1st place to Nora. Nora was bound to win today... It was written somewhere, on Something Great Purple hanging from the ceiling...

God never made any material as resilient as the skater girls. Lizzie Armanto

#2 Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto is 20 years old and has been skating competitively since 2007. In 2011 she dominated both Florida Bowl Riders Cup events, the TriFecta, Ladies Combi and the Tim Brauch Memorial Skate. In 2012, she won all the major Girls contest: she finished first at Pier Park, Rocky Mountain, Tim Brauch and Exposure 2012.

Her prowess on a skateboard earned her enough points to command a first place for three consecutive years at the WCS annual ranking. She has received sponsorship support from Bones Wheels, Indy Trucks, 187 Killer Pads, Santa Monica Airlines and others. She was the #1 skater at the WCS final rankings for the year 2012.
Speed and control: Julz Lynn
She also finished 1st in the vert division, both at Exposure 2012 and at Rocky Mountain. When she grinds the coping a full speed, it doesn’t smells like perfume, but burned flint… Only a skater can understand why this is amazing…

#3 Julz Lynn

Julz Lynn (Julie Kindstrand) started skateboarding in her father’s backyard pool and had Christian Hosoi as Master. . Julz Lynn is a killer!! Last July she ventured on a 1,500 miles trip from Long Beach to Lincoln City Oregon in order to raise awareness and money for Grind For Life and Keep A Breast Foundation. She was praised for her bold moves during the Boo B Q party at
Julz Lynn, Lizzie Armando or Nora Vasconcellos. Any of the three could have win today but it was Nora's turn. 
Bucky’s Heaven Pool in November 2012. She killed it at the Pink Motel Pool Party and she generally has that spleenish-skate-punk attitude that most brag about but only a few skaters can boast. Putting it mildly, Julz Lynn is in the same mindset as Screech and Duane Peters. Julz is also no stranger to the winner's podium. In 2009 she was ranked as the best female vert skater on the planet. Her other first place wins include the 2008 Tim Brauch Memorial Skate, the 2008 Bowl Riders Cup, the 2009 Pro-Tec Pool Party and the 2009 Oregon BiFectas. This year she rolled onto the World Cup of Skateboarding's list in second place. In 2012, she only participated to
Ariann Carmona #1 of the under 14
Exposure 2012 that she easily won and at the Tim Brauch contest where she ranked 2nd. She was 8th at the WCS final rankings for the year 2012 even though she participated to only one sanctioned WCS contest.
Jean Rusen came for fun, but she finished #3. She had her 2 daughters waving big signs “we love you Mom” when
she was shredding the pool. She is so rad… So rad… She is a role model. Much respect!!
Successful people are prepared to fail more, and they are more persistent than others. Julz is one badass skate girl.
She flies over the pool like a rocket…

Division 14 and under

#1 Arianna Carmoma

You may think that Arianna Carmona is new at skateboarding since she really surfaced in 2012, but she has actually been skating for almost 10 years. I remember seeing her at the Combi 3 years ago when she was just starting bowls and vert and when she was still sketchy. Those days are long gone and she is now a full-feldged bowl rider with her own particular style. She finished 1st of the AM skater girls at Exposure 2012, both in vert and bowl. Today, she finished 1st of the Girls Combi Pool Classic. Much deserved.

Nothing can sabotage winning, except for fear of losing. Success usually lies just beyond failure. Nora was bound
to win today because she feared nothing. It was written… Somewhere… On Something Great Purple hanging from
the ceiling. Nora Vasconcellos. Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic 2012
Girls Combi Pool Classic: there will be consequences for the naysayers that jumped out of the bandwagon in 2012
and let the girls in the doldrums!! Now the girls are back in town, standing for their rights to have fun and be part
of the game. They are more resilient than the Phoenix. Lizzie Armanto, tuck-knee invert. 
Alana Smith, Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic 2013, 540
Alana Smith tried a good 7 times to do a 540 on the square bowl. On her last attempt she almost got it... Almost..

Beverly Flood
Beverly Flood
Katherine Folsom riding with pride...

More pictures and coverage on Sunday.

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