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Friday, January 18, 2013

Girls Combi Pool Classic: January 18 & 19, 2013

Girls Combi Pool Classic: January 18 & 19, 2013

Lizzie Armanto, Vans Skatepark, Girls Combi Pool Classic 2013
Lizzie Armanto. Last Thursday night before the contest
The annual Girl Combi Pool Classic that was supposed to take place in November 2012 was rescheduled for January 18th and 19th. But that’s for the best. To date, the Girls Combi Pool Classic is the largest female skateboard contest in the world. More girls compete in this contest than any other female skateboard contest of any type. All this week, the Combi Pool at the Block of Orange was packed with girls every day, each one refining their tricks, trying to find the best lines or simply just getting use to the huge pools.

This year, girls are coming from everywhere in the USA and including from abroad and this is why Vans is putting up a $12,000 Purse for the Girls’ Combi Pool Contest.

Poppy Starr Olsen, for example is coming from Australia to participate in the contest. She recently said that: “I have been included in the Under 14 group of skaters competing in the 2013 Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic to be held on the 18th and 19th of January in California. Can’t wait to be there and skate with the best girl skaters!”

Beverly Flood, Girls Combi Classic, Vans Skatepark
Beverly Flood, up and coming into the top 10
This year, the Girls Combi Pool Classic is gonna be full of surprises: Allysha Bergado, last year’s winner just shattered her ankles in a car accident a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday night, I talked with the #1 WCS bowl champ Lizzie Armanto and she told me that she has been sick all week and therefore is not on top shape. Julz Lynn, who was thrice the Combi winner but lost the title thereafter, is all pumped up and has all the guts and will to win. Another contest winner, Mimi Knoop is also out of the contest this year because of an injury. Among the girls that can definitively be in the top 3 this year are Justyce Taybor, Nora Vasconcellos and Abby Zsarnay.

Nora Vasconcellos
Nora Vasconcellos Photo David Pang
And of course, let’s not forget about Amelia Brodka who had a busy year since she organized Exposure 2012 and put the final touch to her Skate Girl documentary Underexposed.

And let’s not forget the upcoming girls: Beverly Flood, who just signed with Flood Control, Mikayla Sheppard, Arianna Carmona. All those girls are ready, willing and able.

During the Girls Special that I did on, the girls told me that they did not know what their status was. Amateur? Pro? So, giving the problem in classifying riders between Am and Pro, this year’s Girls Combi Pool Classic will be divided in three divisions grouping the girls by age more than status.

Division one (14 and under) represents the young, upcoming riders.

Division two (15-27) represents the high energy, pro performance that have grown to define the scene over the past few years, amazing.

Division three (28+) is a representation of all of the women who have been pioneering and inspiring for years. Division three is representative of the masters division for the guy’s events and much needed to highlight these women. The ages are not a definitive placement, but hopefully allow the girls to shine the brightest.

Then bring it all together with one more prize crossing the divisions with $1,000 for the overall best run of the day.

This contest will be awesome.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, January 18, 2013 


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