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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Helge Tscharn: 30 years of continuous fire

Helge Tscharn Monster Portfolio
Helge Tscharn, skateboarding video, Monster magazine
Helge Tscharn profession: skate photographer. Status: perfect
Helge Tscharn Monster Portfolio Video Trailer

Helge Tscharn is the “official” photographer of the RTMF Crew. He is the one taking all those awesome pictures of Pedro Barros, Vi and Leo Kakinho and the rest of the RTMF Team. Not only he is there at the right moment, but he knows too well about skateboarding and his photography from Brazil mix the green lavishness of the countryside with the harsh gray of the concrete bowls to provoke awesome skate pictures.

But before he landed in Florianopolis, he was the photographer of Monster Skateboard Magazine where he stayed well over 25 years. He is undoubtedly the one photographer who influenced the German skateboard scene decisively. Restless and constantly under some kind of godlike power for years, he was the messiah when it came to good photos - they had to be especially sharp.

For the perfect photo Helge has always given everything and not to other conserved. The "Treiber“ usually raced across the highways of the nation at extremely high speed, which in the souvenirs of some can be pretty daunting since, remember, that there is no speed limit on the German freeways. Helge Tscharn was always on the hunt for the next trick, the next picture, the next magazine cover. Clear that because over the years some stories worth telling have accumulated. To round off Monsters’ 30 year celebration the German publishers wanted to just dig it and tell it the story of Helge Tscharn and the Monster Skateboard Magazine.

Today we start with "30 years of continuous fire", the Helge Tscharn document. In the first part Helge talks about his beginnings as a photographer and the beginnings of the Monster Mag Next week it will continue with the video grabs of 90, Helge's first pictures with the Hasselblad and his U.S. tours.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, January 17, 2013 


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