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Monday, January 28, 2013

Jack Fardell Interview January 2013

Jack Fardell Interview January 2013

To tell you the truth, I did not know Jack until the Newcastle Bar Beach bowl Championships (Hurley Australian Bowlriders Championships) one year ago.

Hurley ABC Australian Bowlriding Championships
I mean Jack! The Jack Fardell from Australia… Then, Kim Andison, isTia’s correspondent in Australia, sent me awesome and strange pictures of a guy skating shirtless with an Akubra hat on his head. I was so ignorant that I did not even know what an Akubra hat was, so I had to research the internet. Eventually, I thought Akubra was so lucky because they had one of the best Australian riders except that Akubra is not a skate company and they don’t sponsors skaters. I was somewhat relieved to find you I was not alone in this sinking ship: apparently, I think Akubra don’t know Jack either…

Jack Fardell during Manly AOS Beach Bowl Competition in 2012 Photo Kim Andison
Too bad, they could have made a fortune sponsoring him…

For sure, 2012 has been an amazing summer for bowl events Down Under and for Jack Fardell. Jack skated in the Hurley Australian Bowl Championships at bar beach in Newcastle. Then, he was invited and skated in the Australian Open Beach Bowl event, in Manly. Hurley brought in the Soul Bowl from Huntington Beach and set it up on the sand, close to the sea. That event was huge, tens of thousands of people gathered and the event was there was streamlined 24-7 on the internet. One week after that, Jack participated at the Bondi Bowl-A-Rama and he made the finals. Flash Forward until August 2012 and you find Jack Fardell skating again in a bowl on the beach during the Coastal Carnage at Huntington Beach. Then he was invited at Pedro Barro’s Generations in Florianopolis but couldn’t make it and eventually ended in New York for the East Coast leg of the Australian Bowl-A-Rama…

Jack Fardell: "I live for pools, hard to find skateable pools 
in Australia though." Photo Credits unknown
It seems that Jack Fardell has been everywhere where there is a good bowl contest all those years and since we are so close to the 2013 edition of the Hurley Australian Bowlriders Championships at Newcastle it was time to call him and asking him about those Australian legends. After all, I had always been attracted to the Australian myths and needed answers…

Jack Fardell Interview January 2013
Istia.Tv: How were you introduced to skateboarding and what got you started? Jack Fardell: I was introduced to skateboarding when I was 6; my mother bought me an old school board. One of my neighbors skated everyday so I would try and copy him.

Istia.Tv: Were there any early influences on your skating? Jack Fardell: Of course, once I was older and could understand what skateboarding was I started to be influenced by certain skateboarders. Skaters that don’t give a fuck and just want to get some.

Istia.Tv: Who are you Sponsors (list them): Jack Fardell: Hurley, Anti Hero, Spitfire, Globe, Independent, modus.

Istia.Tv: Who are your favorite old school skaters? Jack Fardell: Grosso, Lance, Jason Jesse - Still some of the best.

Istia.Tv: What is your favorite surface to skate (wood – concrete – asphalt- other)? Jack Fardell: Concrete.

Istia.Tv: How is the gold coast for skateboarding? Jack Fardell: It’s amazing, a bunch of new parks have been built, and a bunch of old rad shit is still here.

Istia.Tv: So far, what have been some of the highlights of your skateboarding career? Jack Fardell: Travelling with friends and making new ones.

Istia.Tv: Do you like those smooth bowls or do you prefer something more radical? Jack Fardell: I like rough weird transitions with concrete coping, pizzey type stuff.

Istia.Tv: Can you describe Elanora? Jack Fardell: Fast, really good transitions, Bowlarama gold coast!

Jack Fardell
Jack Fardell FS Air Photo Credits unknown
Istia.Tv: Can you describe Pizzey Bowl? Jack Fardell: The best feeling your skateboard will give you, rough, rugged, and surprising.

Istia.Tv: Where are you living now? Jack Fardell: Elanora, Gold Coast

Istia.Tv: Are you originally from the Gold Coast? Jack Fardell: No, Queanbeyan NSW.

Istia.Tv: What other great skater lives in the Gold Coast? Jack Fardell: Andrew Currie, My brother Bugs.

Istia.Tv: Do you eat rabbits? Jack Fardell: Sure.

Istia.Tv: Are you more into vert-bowls, street or all terrain? Jack Fardell: All of it.

Istia.Tv: How big do you like pools and bowls? Jack Fardell: Anything over 7 ft is going to be fun, I’m down for whatever.

Jack Fardell
Istia.Tv: What are your top five bigger bowls that you have skated to date? Jack Fardell: Pizzey, Belco, Lincoln City, Elanora, Bar Beach.

Istia.Tv: What’s the best bowl in Australia? Jack Fardell: Pizzey.

Istia.Tv: Do you skate empty pools? Can you find empty pools in Australia? Jack Fardell: I live for pools, hard to find skateable pools in Australia though.

Istia.Tv: What about the trips to Oregon? Jack Fardell: I love Oregon; some of the best skateparks in the world are in NorCal and Oregon.

Istia.Tv: Are you from this new generation of skaters that are so confident that they don’t need pads in the bowls? Jack Fardell: I just don’t like wearing pads.

Jack Fardell
Istia.Tv: Are you a street skater going for bowls and vert or a vert skater going for street? Jack Fardell: I’m a skater.

Istia.Tv: Is bowl gaining momentum in Australia? Jack Fardell: For Sure.

Istia.Tv: Can you name you 5 best Australian bowl-vert riders? Jack Fardell: Andrew Currie, Matt Mumford, Corbin Harris, Bugs Fardell & Faul Bell

Istia.Tv: I’ve heard you wake up a 5am to go surfing? Jack Fardell: More like 6am, Yeah.

Istia.Tv: How important is surfing in Australia? Jack Fardell: There’s a huge surf culture in Australia, I just surf for fun but I have a lot of close friends who are making huge careers out of it. It’s pretty rad.

Jack Fardell: "Fuck sides, do what is fun to you!" Photo Kim Andison
Istia.Tv: How far would you go to surf? Jack Fardell: Wherever the waves are good.

Istia.Tv: Would skateboarding exist without surfing? Jack Fardell: Of course.

Istia.Tv: Why are so many skaters discrediting surfing? Do you have to choose your side (surfing or skateboarding)? Jack Fardell: Fuck sides, do what is fun to you. I love both; I don’t pay attention to that bullshit.

Istia.Tv: What’s more aggressive, surfing, skateboarding, something else? Jack Fardell: Skateboarding.

Istia.Tv: What happened with the Redbull skate generation in Fioranopolis in 2012? Jack Fardell: Yeah, I couldn’t make it. Heading over this year though!
Istia.Tv: How do you feel skating in Pedro Barro’s own bowl? Jack Fardell: I heard it just got re-surfaced, should be fun.

Istia.Tv: Do you have a special diet? Jack Fardell: Meat and beer.

Istia.Tv: You have participated at Coastal Carnage in summer 2012 (Huntington Beach), but you have not participated at other contests in the USA. Especially the Combi Pool Classic. Why is it so? Jack Fardell: Haven’t been invited yet.

Istia.Tv: Is the Hurley Australian Bowlriders Championships a contest for Australians Only? Jack Fardell: no.

Hurley Australian Bowlriders Championships skate video
Australian Bowl Riding Championships 2012 recap
Hurley Australian Bowlriders Championships, Feb 09, 2013 at Empire Skatepark Bar Beach - Newcastle

Prize purse: $20,000 AUD.

Divisions: Pro, Masters (40+), AM Woman, Am under 18.

Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships is the first ever all-inclusive Australian ‘Nationals’ competition. Launched in the aim of fostering Australian skateboarding talent, the competition offers an entry point for Australian bowl skaters into Vans BOWL-A-RAMA™ This event is a qualifier for AUSTRALIAN'S into the Pro's/Masters event into Bondi Bowl a Rama.

There will be 5 wild card spots awarded to those that are not ranked in the top 30 (Pro), 24 (Masters) of 2012 Final WCS rankings.

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