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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jay Adams talks about how skating keeps you young

Jay Adams talks about how skating keeps you young
Jay Adams and Dennis Martinez
Jay Adams and Dennis Martinez
Jay Adams talks about how skating keeps you young

It’s the latest gasp for a generation of perma-dudes who listen to Black Flag in their BMWs and trade high-fives in client meetings. It’s a bid to escape the corporate grind, beat back their flagging vigor and even make good on a generational cliché: to extend their adolescence until their federal prescription-drug benefit kicks in.

We,OG Skaters are having our revenge. We have now a bowl contest series organized by Heidi Lemmon and Concrete Disciple. Indeed, the OG Skater is becoming something of a trope in popular culture. A recent satire in The Onion was headlined, “43-Year-Old With Skateboard Not Fooling Anyone,” complete with a close-up of Tony Hawk, the skateboarding superstar, looking a bit weathered in his helmet. Dave Carnie, the gonzo writer and former Johnny Knoxville sidekick on “Jackass,” introduced a line of decks with Tum Yeto skateboards called Fat Old Guy Skateboards to appeal to skaters who “just awoke from a coma and still think it’s 1984,” he said.

And why not? Skateboarding itself is entering middle age. Like the older members of Generation X, the sport was born in the ’60s. The pioneers are now at an age when they’re paying off mortgages and their children’s college tuition.

“Tony Alva and I have joked about it,” said Stacy Peralta, who, along with T.A., was a member of the legendary Z-Boys skate team in Venice, Calif., in the 1970s. As detailed in 2001 documentary “Dogtown and Z-Boys,” they would sneak into unoccupied suburban homes, hope fences and drain swimming pools to skate in them...

Watch the video above...

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, January 10, 2013 


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