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Monday, January 21, 2013

Julz Lynn Girls Combi Pool Classic dispatch

Julz Lynn Girls Combi Pool Classic dispatch
Last week-end took place the 3rd Girls Combi Pool Classic with the best skater girls on the planet coming as far as Australia. In everybody’s mind, in the absence of Allysha Bergado who broke her legs a couple of weeks before in a car accident, the winner of the contest could be any of those three girls: Nora Vasconcellos, Lizzie Armanto and Julz Lynn. Before the contest, my personal view was Nora Vasconcellos #2 with a dead heat between Julz Lynn and Lizzie Armanto. Even if both of them skate with amazing speed and style, both are very different. Lizzie is more feminine and it shows in her skating. Julz is more hard punk, in the style of DP, Lizzard King or Josh Sandoval.

So, it came to me as a big surprise when Dave Duncan announced that July Lynn was at the third place. Not to belittle Nora in any way. In retrospective, she was the best that day, she is a tremendous skater and she will stay in the top three (or even higher) in the years to come.
The surprise was coming because I knew Julz wanted so hard to get the cup that day. She trained a lot for that… So what happened? Too much pressure for sure. In the previous days of the contest, her main sponsor, Silly Girl floated a picture on Facebook that said: “Will Julz regain her 1st place?” A lot of people were expecting that and that was probably too much for her.

Julz has a lot more explanation on why she missed it… Read it just after the video of her runs...

Julz Lynn Part at the Combi Pool Classic 2013
Julz Lynn, Girls Combi Pools Classic 2013, skateboard videos
Julz Lynn lasts runs at the Girls Combi Pools Classic 2013 
"Thanks to everyone sending me messages on how well I did at the contest.

Unfortunately I didn't skate to the best of my ability and didn't step it up like I know I can do to the circumstances of my health and starting my period that morning I had every intention of skating better than I did but just like test in school I was never good at those either I always barley make it by.
People make such a big deal about the contest and it nerve racks you for 3 weeks straight before the contest. Not to mention all the ore drama with it being my home park. I don't think anybody realizes it was a lot deeper than just a skate event to me and I'm very dissatisfied with myself. I'm going to be skating harder than I ever have. You will be scared and that is my goal. I'm constantly going through something t and I don't care anymore.

This contest proved a lot to me about me and people I thought I knew. What I'm sorta stoked about is people still haven't seen my 110 % in the Combi cuz I really hate contest and probably will never be able to skate them like I skate when I'm by myself or just with my homies.

Julz Lynn at the Girls Combi Pool Classic
Julz Lynn: failing one single contest is not the end of the world because we love her whether or not she wins...
If it wasn't for the fact that as a pro female skater you can’t make a living many ways than competing and this contest the only way to pay those bills was 1st and 2nd but looks like those judges wanna see me skate harder and keep hustlin' my shit. I give up my life to continue skateboarding I couldn't have a real job otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep myself in the seen and on my progression because I wouldn't be able to get time off work. I would never do contest for the reason of feeling lame every time I'm in an environment like that because I feel like a kook. I like the fun part but all the hustle bustle and jokiness and attitudes and drama and shady ness. Isn't what I'm down for? Everyone has something to say and feels like they have the right and place. That's why my last run when try didn't keep it going I threw my middle fingers up in the area and said I don't give a fuck and took one last cruisin' run.

You know if it wasn't the girls skating and Steve cab and Hosoi were in the bowl everyone would keep it going for them guess if you don't have balls or you’re not old enough no one cares. I shouldn't complain because I shoulda had my stuff together from the start but I wasn't feeling well as didn't realize how short that final was. Go ahead hate on my status judge me and say whatever you want my outfit, my style my this. Fuck all that because none of that matters and I want people to understand the truth I feel in my heart about all of that. I would step it up hard in that one run.
After I learned the DJ was false and didn't have reggae (what kinda DJ doesn't have sublime or reggae/ska) I gave up the midol was to strong and put my shit on Cruz control yep I blew it. But hey if the Combi is still around I might still have another chance to take it back. Only reason I wanted this was to pay my bills and show how hard I've been working and getting my shit together. This is the hardest I've worked for skateboarding since I was 15 years old going through all that bill crap and still wining. I've been working through a lot with concussions to everything imaginable on my plate and I honestly can say when you're not emotionally stable. Your ex randomly shows up without you inviting him in the beginning of your final. I felt myself emotionally give up. It was an outer body experience watching myself skate and all I can do I cruise in that situation. Maybe they're waiting until I'm old enough to pay my 10 percent at Alcatraz next year. Who knows;) I'm very happy for all the people that came out to watch the ladies and hopefully next year they put up some real blew hers and give us the same respect as all the other skaters and then we’ll all be feeling confident about our roll ins on the deck. I guess once I get started I don't stop huh.

Probably didn't help to skate 11 hours the day before either huh...

That's the truth to my story on girls Combi couldn't be more stoked on watching girls rip though."

From Julz Lynn Facebook page

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