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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, new sponsor for Mimi Knoop

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Mimi Knoop Ollie at Bucky Lasek Bowl. Photo Grant Brittain. Originally published in "the Skateboard Mag"
New Year, new sponsor for Mimi Knoop

Mimi Knoop Mimi Knoop is originally from the east coast and recently moved to San Diego, California. Mimi is a lifelong skateboarder and multi-media artist who has shown her work throughout the world and who earned five X Games and consistent finishes on the podium at the biggest skateboarding contests, Mimi is actually one of the top female vert/bowl skateboarders in the world.
Mimi is a co-founder of Action Sports Alliance aka "The Alliance," which is an organization of female skateboarders. The Alliance has been instrumental in raising the standards in prize purses and exposure for professional female skateboarding contests and events around the world. The Alliance works closely with ESPN in organizing the girls skate contests at X Games each year.

Thanks to her multi media skills, she often does original design and illustration work for companies in the action sports industry, allowing her to combine her two passions. Mimi is also the creator of the fast growing girls skateboard brand, “hoopla skateboards”. Mimi’s dedication to the community and skateboarding world are inspiring. Along with her active lifestyle and grass roots initiatives, Mimi is now a great addition to the Royal Hawaiian team.
Die Poser Die with Cab and Tony Alva

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