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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pink Motel Pool Party 2012 Video edit by Julian Bleecker

Vans Bowl A Rama 2012: Bondi Contest Day Video
Pink Motel Pool Party 2012
Pink Motel Pool Party 2012

This is another video of the Pink Motel Pool party by Julian Bleecker. The Pink Motel Party 2012 was another classic pool skate jam with chaotic skating, raw punk rock, cold beer and skate/punk legends shredding coping. Another great thing about this party was the priceless commentary from Malba and Dave Duncan seasonned with old school memory from The Pipeline.

While Malba and Double D held it down on the microphone, Chris Casey kept it going poolside with a constant supply of hysterical antics. The skateboarding was heated from the start. During the OG Jam, it was an absolute snake session where you had to steal your turn if you wanted to ride. No roll in from the shallow end. No wait your turn. No 40+ only session. It was a free-for-all of barely contained madness.
Bands like Eric Groff’s posse, Love Canal, and punk rock from the Whitekaps, Bomb Run, Hoodlumz, and Anarchy Taco featuring members of the Vandals and Brian Brannon of JFA provided the soundtrack for the night. Our personal favorites: Allen Losi’s crew, One Less Zero, Reuler’s Skatanic Rednecks and the one and only, Agent Orange, threw the gig into hyper-drive and the crowd was loving it.

The Pink Motel is always legendary, especially when you have guys skating it that have been riding it for over 30 years getting grinds and drawing the lines. One of my favorite things about skateboarding is seeing the over 40 riders ripping right next to the hotshot groms with the same passion. This has become an annual event to look forward to as it just keeps getting bigger and better. Throw in the roll in from the shallow next year and check IDs for the 40+ session and everyone will be happy. It was great to see pool skating and punk rock alive and well in 2012 and we’ll see ya next year.

Much respect to Allen Losi, Ruffo Espinosa and all the hosts of the event and to all the superb companies that sponsored it including: Creature Skateboards, Jimmy’Z, Scum Skateboards, Independent Truck Co., Hurt Life Skateboards, So Cal Skateshop, Embassy Skateboards, 311 Skateboards, Pocket Pistols Skateboards, Little Villan Skateboards, Old Cocks Skateboarding Co., Skaterbuilt, Spun Skateboards, Rubio’s Mexican Grill, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Osiris Shoes, Kreiswirth Sports Medicine, Ztuntz Skateboards, Aerial Wheels, Black Leather Racing, Ace Skateboard Truck MFG. and Marauder Skateboards.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, January 24, 2013 


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