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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Austin Poynter on a Mini Ramp (with Josue Sanchez)

Austin Poynter on a Mini Ramp (with Jouse Sanchez)

Austin Poynter and Josue Sanchez on a Mini Ramp

Generally, winter is not a busy season for skateboarding, but when you live in Southern California, that's another story...
So, Austin Poynter has been keeping pretty busy doing a few photo and video shoots, and even shooting an ad for S-One Helmets that will be in Transworld.
These days Austin has found the fine line between balancing School work and prepping for College, with maintaining a skate career.

Thankfully he has the support and patience of his sponsors so he can focus on them both. Skateboarding has always been his safe place and his outlet for the long homework nights and heavy class schedule. His goals are to Ride his board as far as it will take him, and finish College with a degree in Marketing and use that to finish his career in the Skateboard Industry in years to come.
Austin Poynter has been known in skateboarding for being a ripper ever since he won his first Combi Pool Classic at Vans in 2011.

Since then, it has only been progression and consolidation for the Oceanside skater.

His favorite parks are the Encinitas YMCA and The Combi Pool. He actually lives 20 minutes away from the ramp…
The family used to live in Anaheim, Orange County four years ago (a couple of blocks from the Combi) and he started going to the YMCA all the time.

But now that he is living in San Diego County, he has to take the trip back to the Combi… Bummer!!
Well, I guess you can’t have all the good things all the time…

Here is a short video filmed and edited by Kyle Ohlson at the Encinitas California YMCA with Austin Poynter & Josue Sanchez!
They planned on filming some vert on this somewhat cloudy day but there was more fun to be filmed on the mini ramp so here's a mini ramp edit with Austin and Josue.

Austin's Sponsors are:
Monster Energy
Osiris Shoes
S-One Helmets
McGills Skateshop
Bull Taco
Go Pro

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, February 21, 2013 


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