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Friday, February 22, 2013

Bondi Bowl-A-Rama 2013 ramp up

The world Best Skateboarders will battle at Bondi for the 2013 edition of Bowl-A-Rama 2013

Bowl-A-Rama Bondi 2013 Noah Fuzzi Heelflip-Indy. Photo Kim-Andison/isTia.Tv
Vans BOWL-A-RAMA™ Bondi – TODAY – 23 February 2013, is celebrating its ninth consecutive year. Officially sanctioned by World Cup Skateboarding, Vans Bowl-A-Rama™ Bondi celebrates the culture of skateboarding by offering a week of festivities in the lead-up to competition. If you are in Bondi, join the action and check out the side events listed below (open to public) and celebrate skateboarding alongside the biggest talent in the world.

Sergie Ventura Photo Kim Andison/isTia.Tv
The weather in Australia has been pretty ordinary, luckily the rain held out for today as the forecast has announced a big storm over Bondi just in time for the contest. Of course, this is wild, with rain and heavy windy conditions and probably not good for skating.

If you hook up with isTia.Tv, there will be a live coverage via webcast where you will be able to watch the PRO division as one of the strongest ever assembled, with a list of riders including Pedro Barros, Josh Rodriguez, Rune Glifberg, Nolan Monroe, Sky Siljeg, Nathan Beck, Jack Fardell, Kalani David, Lizzi Armanto, Bucky Lasek, Josh Stafford, Kevin Kowalski, Mike Owen, Charlie Blair, Alex Sorgente, Steve Pineiro, RJ Barbaro, Omar Hassan, Otavio Neto, Rion Linderman, Joshua Borden, Nilo Pecannha, Andy Macdonald, Marcos Gabriel, Renton Millar, Ben Hatchell, Alex Perelson, Curren Caples, Ben Raybourn, Sam Beckett, and Zach Miller, all looking to skate their way to a spot on the podium.

The Masters Division of extraordinary talent will feature Pat Ngoho, Steve Caballero, Sean Goff, Eddie Elguera, Sergie Ventura, Lester Kasai, Sasha Steinhorst, Jeff Grosso, Christian Hosoi, and George Orton.

The contest is Saturday 23rd February. 2013 at 11 am (Australia Time). The Bondi Live Webcast Coverage will start at 4pm PST on Friday February 22nd on isTia.Tv.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, February 22, 2013 


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