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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hurley ABC Australian Bowl Riding Championships 2013 at Newcastle results and highlights

Hurley ABC Australian Bowl Riding Championships 2013 at Newcastle results and highlights
ABC Australian Bowlriding Championships 2013
Jack Fardell, Hurley ABC Australian Bowl Riding Championships 2013
Jack Fardell was #2 last year, he won the contest this year. Photo RedMonkey
For the second year in a row, the Australian skateboarding community was blessed with the opportunity to compete in a true ‘Nationals’ skateboarding competition: the Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships (ABC™), on February 8th and 9th 2013. Taking place at one of Australia’s most technical bowls, Bar Beach-Empire Park Skate Park in Newcastle, the event presented an array of Australia’s best talent from the bowl riding community and even skaters from the USA.

Adam Luxford Photo Kim Andison

Australian skaters Renton Millar, Jack Fardell, Nathan ‘Jimmy’ Beck and Keegan Palmer were skating along international pros like Nolan Monroe, Alex Sorgente, Josh Stafford and Nilo Pecanha. isTia dispatched Kim Andison, who already covered the event last year. The big surprise of the contest was that Lizzie Armanto and Amelia Brodka paired to broadcast the event live through Lizzie’s I-Phone and in turn, we embedded the video on isTa.Tv. So we can say that we kinda covered live the contest,
Alex Sorgente Photo Kim Andison
but of course, all the kudos go to Lizzie Armanto.

It was also a truly historic moment for Australia and the skate scene when Lizzie Armanto qualified for the finals for the first time ever in a PRO open division finals. She ripped it up and came in at 8th place, pulling the boys into line at the Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships. So, Lizzie was truly the hero of the night. Congrats Lizzie, you are the best and we love you…

Jack Fardell Photo Kim Andision
In the masters’ division, Pat Nhogo, Lester Kasai, Sergie Ventura, Sean Geoff made the trip to participate to the contest with Adrian Jones, pioneer of Australian skateboarding and true legend of the sport and John Bogaert (Leading Senior Constable).

Presented by Hurley and sanctioned by World Cup Skateboarding (WCS), the all-inclusive Australian Bowl contest welcomed skateboarders from every skill levels and ages to compete for a total prize pool of (Australian) $25,000 in cash and prizes;
Alex Sorgente Photo Kim Andison
across one of its 4 divisions: Pro, Masters (40+), AM Woman, Am under 18.

Renton Millar, who won the inaugural event in 2011, met up with 2012 second-placed Jack Fardell and junior sensation Poppy Olsen at Empire Park skate bowl on Thursday and while a crowd quickly gathered around the bowl, Poppy Olsen only had to skate for a few seconds before it was obvious (for the few that did not know her beforehand) that she is every bit as good as the professionals.
Josh Stafford Photo Kim Andison
She actually made the trip to California a couple of weeks before to compete in the Girls Pool Classic in the Vans Combi Pool were she landed in the second place just after Ariana Carmona, the new California rising star. Poppy won the open women’s event at Bar Beach last year and had to defend her title in 2013. On the girl’s side, current world title holder Lizzie Armanto and acclaimed cinematographer Amelia Brodka came from California to participate along local stars like Poppy.
Lester Kasai Photo Kim Andison
Lizzie and Amelia were hired to judge the girl’s am division.

Before the event, Renton Millar declared that: ‘‘I’m going to try and have fun this weekend. It’s pretty competitive and there’s a lot of good skaters here.’’ He added that ‘‘I usually skate a half-pipe so this bowl is not what I feel at home in. If I skate well, I’ll be happy.’’ Millar said he admired his biggest competitor, Jack Fardell, and the two have always had a friendly rivalry: "His style of skating is one of the best in Australia. He could win this comp, his skating shines on every day.’’ He said about Jack Fardell before the contest. Jack Fardell, who used to skate padless with an Akubra hat, agreed it was just the ‘‘luck of the draw’’ as to who would win the tournament. Eventually, Renton Millar finished at the 7th place of the qualifiers and Jack Fardell 3rd, just after Alex Sorgente from Florida and Josh Stafford, but he was crowned Australian Bowl Champion. We talked with Jack Fardell the days prior to the contest. You can read here Jack Fardell interview. ABC contest is a watershed in Australian bowl skateboarding. Before the Newcastle event, “kids used to look at pro contests and there was no actual way for them to get into contests like BOWL-A-RAMA besides being invited, or being entered as a pro. Now there is a system and skaters can learn the trade skating on a lower level in Australia before turning pro,” agrees Renton Millar, who has been working with Mt Dew to identify and support up and coming skaters over the last four years. Officially kicking off on the Thursday with learn to ride skate clinics provided by Kman skate school, Hurley ABC provided a range of entertainment to celebrate the competition including art and music events.

Nolan Monroe Photo Kim Andison

Congrats to WCS, and special thanks to Ella Ryan from Frontside events for all the emails and communication the weeks leading to the contest.

At a time when there is a real malaise within skateboarders who see more and more exogenous companies jumping on skateboarding’s bandwagon and displacing core companies, I applaud Hurley to help in footing the bill and sponsoring the contest. However, why is it that there is no mention of it in their official web page or Facebook account?

Renton Millar Photo Kim Andison
Worse, on the official Hurley website and on their Facebook page there is actually no mention of skateboarding at all, not even one picture. So I’m not sure what is Hurley marketing strategy with skateboarding or where are they going with skateboarding, but it doesn't seem like Hurley is concerned with its image (or lack of image thereof) within skateboarding circle. It seems to me that sponsoring an event and blatantly disregarding it is counterproductive at best.

Finally the PROs killed it today and gave Newcastle a stellar finals show with Alex Sorgente coming in first, Josh Stafford taking out second and in third place and now the new crowned Australian Champion Jack Fardell!

In Masters division Pat Ngoho took out first place with Adam Luxford coming in second and Lester Kasai coming in third. Winner of under 18s was KeeganPalmer, in second place Jakob Robinson and in third position Luke Russel.

In the women's finals we had Poppy Starr Olsen, in second Jayden Barratt and in third position Sabre Norris ripped it up This is a developing story. Come back on Sunday for more coverage and pictures.

Hurley ABC Australian Bowl-Riding championships Pro Results
1. Alex Sorgente 3700 AUD
2. Josh Stafford 2500
3. Jack Fardell 1500

Hurley ABC Australian Bowl-Riding championships Master's Top 3
1. Pat Ngoho 2000 AUD
2. Adam Luxford 1500
3. Lester Kasai 1000

Hurley ABC Australian Bowl-Riding championships Am's
1. Keegan Palmer
2. Jakob Robinson
3. Luke Russell

Hurley ABC Australian Bowl-Riding championships Ladies Am
1. Poppy Olsen
2. Jaydyn Barratt
3. Sabre Norris

Thanks to Kim Andison for the awesome pictures!!

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