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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hurley Australian Bowlriding Championships 2013 Countdown


Sergio Ventura at the Bar Beach bowl of Newcastle for the ABC Australian Bowl Riding National Championships
Photo Red Monkey Photography
Description: HURLEY ABC 2012 LHV H150.jpgPresented by Hurley and recognised by World Cup Skateboarding (WCS), the Hurley Australian Bowl- riding Championships (ABC™) will take place this Saturday, 9th February at Empire Park Skatepark, Bar Beach, Newcastle, NSW, Australia. It is the only truly open and all-encompassing Nationals based event in Australian skateboarding history.

The Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships has four divisions to cover the entire spread of riders. These divisions go as follows; Junior Under 18s, Open Female, Pro/Am Open, Masters 40+. The competition is open to all competitors, and will operate as a qualifier for Vans BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi. Four Under 18s will be chosen for the Dew Am Jam, one Under 18 aged Female competitor, five Australians will be chosen for the Pro and five Australians will be chosen for the Masters.

There will be prize money and prizes attached to the competition with a combined value of $25000. It is spread out over three days with learn to ride clinics, cultural events and the main competition.

Internationally sanctioned by WCS- Competition ranking explained

The event is sanctioned by WCS, the international competitive sanctioning body, and International competitors are allowed to enter but specific benefits will be held for Australian entrants. This means competitors in Pro and Masters will earn half points on the tour. It is not a full point’s event as it is a qualifying event. There is a competition ranking system that goes in order – 1st to last. So the winners will be ranked as “Australian Bowl-riding Champion” in their final order. This part of the rankings is open to all riders both local and international and is based solely on the overall competition placing’s alone.

Hurley ABC will also establish an official Australian Only ranking system with benefits TO AUSTRALIAN RIDERS ONLY. After the event, a ranking order will go out listing all Australian’s 1st to last in the final competition placing order. On top of this five Australians (only) will be given Wild Card spots into Vans BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi in both Pro and Masters and there will be five spots for competitors from the Under 18s and top under 18 aged Female competitor for the Dew AM Jam competition at Vans BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi.

Rankings 2012

The below rankings are for the Australian Competitors only from 2012. All international riders are ranked via the WCS ranking system. (after the page break)

Australian Pro/Am Ranking 2012
1. Renton Millar
2. Jack Fardell
3. RJ Barbaro
4. Jackson Pilz
5. Nathan Beck
6. Matt Kitai
7. Zeke Mathews
8. Nicholas Kris
9. Jessie Noonan
10. Jeff Williams
11. James McInnes
12. Shawn Eaton
13. Nathan Trew
14. John Routlage
15. Jamie Goodwin
16. Nick Maughan
17. Brad Pearson
18. Andreas Tim
19. Michael White

Australian Masters Ranking 2012

1. Michael Mulhall
2. Adam Luxford
3. Luke Foster
4. Tony Hallam
5. John Gray
6. Scott Spring
7. Simon Reynolds
8. Danny Van
9. Michael Cossettini
10. Richard Thompsom
11. Mark Williams

Australian Under 18s Ranking 2012
1. Ben Key
2. Jakob Robinson
3. Lachlan Abbot
4. Ryan Helm
5. Luke Russell
6. Keegan Palmer
7. Jackson Bogearts
8. Hugo Ilencik
9. Noah Regan
10. George Richards
11. Tye Dodds Bowering
12. William McGeachie
13. Jedd McKenzie
14. Ben Gray
15. Dylan Donnini
16. Oska Conway
17. Kobe Higgens

Australian Open Women 2012
1. Poppy Olsen
2. April Caslick
3. Georgina Brooder
4. Nikki Quinian

Name: Hurley ABC – Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships
Dates: 9th February 2013
Location: Empire Park Skatepark, Bar Beach, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
Website URL:
Sponsors: Naming Rights – Hurley, Gold – Mountain Dew, Silver - SDS
Production: Frontside Events PTY LTD
Sanctioning: WCS

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