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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lizzie Armanto finishes 8th in an all guys contest and initiates a webcast in Australia: interview

Lizzie Armanto runs with guys and initiates a webcast in Australia.

It was about midnight on Friday night in California and already Saturday afternoon (4pm) in Newcastle, Australia where the second ABC Australian Bowl Riding Championships were taking place. I was on Facebook sending messages to Eva (Lizzie Armanto’s Mom) where she was telling me that she was watching Lizzie’s runs in Australia. Since I had no knowledge of a webcast, I was quite surprised and asked her if she was in Australia… “No. I'm at home in Santa Monica” she answered, “I just was watching her on FaceTime, no webcast.” Here you go, FaceTime, no webcast.
The original webcast by Lizzie Armanto. Tools: an I-Phone and creativity...
Lizzie Armanto, skating, broadcasting and having a good time Down Under. Photo Kim Andison for isTia
Within 15 minutes, a Facebook post from Lizzie popped up on my screen: “Watch the Hurley ABC finals LIVE at and search Lizzie_Armanto.

To my surprise, Lizzie had decided to do her own webcast of the contest, which I immediately relayed on isTia. Even though the webcast seemed like a last minute setup with no announcement and almost nobody knowing about it, the UStream counter rapidly started to show that a couple of hundred people were watching it. Since there was no official webcast, people were thrilled…

Lizzie Armanto: The answer to the naysayers is clear now: skater girls are as good as guys and some of them
can even beat guys at their own rules… Photo Joanne Barrat
I was thrilled, also, to learn that Lizzie had qualified at the 6th place in the Pro Men's run (actually Amelia Brodka skated the Men's division as well) and therefore was selected for the final. It was indeed a truly historic moment for Australia skateboarding and for the skater girls scene as a whole. A couple of months ago, in Amelia Brodka's Underexposed documentary, Steve Brockway, one of the WCS judges said  that: “there’s a couple of girls who can compete with the guys.” Even though it was evident, in retrospective, it had barely happened in the past and today’s challenge was a litmus test. The answer to the naysayers is clear now: skater girls are as good as guys and some of them can even beat guys at their own game… Lizzie Armanto ripped it up, eventually came in at 8th place, and pulled the boys into line at the Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships.

I contacted Lizzie to know more about the webcast and her 8th place and this is the exchange I had with her…

Jordyn Barrat: she was 2nd of the contest in the girls division. Soon competing against guys???
Photo WCS /Dean Tirkot
isTia.Tv: When were you invited to the ABC at Newcastle? Lizzie Armanto: The Hurley ABC is an open contest, meaning anybody could compete.

isTia.Tv: When did you know you were to participate with the guys? Lizzie Armanto: I knew that I was going to be competing in the men’s division before I left the US.

isTia.Tv: How did you feel about competing with the guys? Lizzie Armanto: I was a bit intimidated to skate in the men’s, but I didn't focus on that. My goal was to try to get 15th and
Poppy Starr Olsen. She was #1 at Hurley-ABC Australian Bowl-Riding contest of Newcastle last year and #1 this
year too. Poppy already ran against guys of her own age and beat them all... Photo WCS/Dean Tirkot
I'd have been happy.

isTia.Tv: What was the guys’ reaction when you competed with them? Lizzie Armanto: The guys in the contest, that knew me, seemed to be stoked upon knowing I was going to be competing with them.

isTia.Tv: Do you know of other instance with girls competing alongside guys in the same runs? Lizzie Armanto: A couple of years back CB Burnside Competed in the Master Division in Pro-Tec Pool Party. About two years ago Leticia Bufoni competed in the Mens Dew Tour
Game changer: Now that Lizzie got the 8th place in a guy's contest in Australia, does that mean that the
separation girls-guys has definitively been blurred?

Street and at the event I skated the Men's Dew Tour Bowl contest.

isTia.Tv:  Were you confident you would make the top 10?  Lizzie Armanto: I definitely did not think l would qualify for the top 10.

isTia.Tv: When and why did you get the idea to broadcast live the contest? Lizzie Armanto: During the qualifiers, I FaceTimed my mom, then had a friend film my heat and when I found out I had made finals, I knew that I had other family and friends that wanted to watch. I looked in to live streaming and was able to get that going.

isTia.Tv: What did you use? Was it difficult to set the webcast? Lizzie Armanto: I used my iPhone, it took about a half hour to download the app, sign up, and figure out how to stream. I had never streamed anything live before.

isTia.Tv: Who was helping you filming? Lizzie Armanto: I had Amelia going and a friend's dad filming, so big thanks to them.

isTia.Tv: Would you think someone would watch your webcast? Lizzie Armanto: I knew my mom would and possibly a few friends, if they saw any of my posts online.

isTia.Tv: Did you have feedback from this broadcast experience? Lizzie Armanto: Yeah; many of my friends thanked me. Hopefully the quality and filming was not too bad.

isTia.Tv: How much longer are you staying in Australia? Lizzie Armanto: I am staying about til' the 24th.

isTia.Tv: Are you participating to both Bowl-A-Rama? Lizzie Armanto: I'm going to try to depending upon if I get a wild card.

isTia.Tv: Who are you staying with? Lizzie Armanto: Friends

isTia.Tv:  What sponsor is paying for this trip? Lizzie Armanto: Big thanks to Santa Monica Airlines and Bones Wheels! But definitely all my other sponsor help make it possible as well, so thanks to Independent Trucks, Bro Style,, and Etnies.

isTia.Tv:  Any comments? Lizzie Armanto: Just wanted to say I'm super thankful for all my friends and family and to skateboarding.

Read the coverage of the 2013 "ABC Australian Bowl Riding Championships

Thanks to WCS/Dean Tirkot, Kim Andison and Joann Barrat for the pictures.
ABC Australian Bowlriding Championships 2013

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