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Friday, February 1, 2013

Maresia Vert Jam 2013, Rio De Janeiro Brazil starts today

Maresia Vert Jam 2013, Rio De Janeiro Brazil starts today
Results for Maresia Vert Jam here

Pedro Barros Mariesa Vert Jam 2013
Pedro Barros. Photo CampeonatosDeSkate
All the skaters are set for Maresia Vert Jam this week-end. The Brazilian stage of the World Vert Skate begins today Friday, Day 1, with the playoffs at 15h. The ramp mounted on the Parque dos Patins at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, started yesterday receiving the skaters who will fight for the title for the free practice. Names of the new generation of sports such as Pedro Barros, rookie Raul Roger, Americans Jono Schwan, Mitchie Brusco and Alex Sorgente, showed that the job will give veterans like Sandro Dias, Andy Macdonald and Bob Burnquist a hard time. isTia.Tv will transmit Maresia Vert Jam on Friday from 15:30h local time.

Rookie in Maresia Vert Jam, Raul Roger did not hide his anxiety of competing against the veterans. "The people who are younger are more willing to go up. It's cool that everyone is together, each with their style. It's my first professional championship and I intend to use everything I learned in the amateur to try the title." The 17 years old from São Paulo ensures that everyone is rooting for the contestants settle their rounds to the championship becomes even more beautiful. "By training for the 720 °, I have more chance of qualifying."

One of the favorites for the Mariesa Vert Jam title this year is Pedro Barros, another skater representative of the new generation. At 17, Pedrinho is ready to compete on equal footing with the more experienced skaters. Pedro Barros said that "This year the level is very high. It's great to share space with people who always inspired me and continue to inspire me. It's sure that I'm always learning and evolving," said Pedro. Pedro is already double world champion in bowl, so get the World title in vert is a challenge for him.

When he debuted at Maresia Vert Jam, in 2012, Mitchie Brusco was the youngest of the group at age 15. In this 2013 edition of the Mariesa Vert Jam, there are two skaters of the same age. Mitchie Brusco said that "I love to skate with the guys my age. It's a time that I'm not the youngest guys, and I think it's wonderful." One of those athletes is Alex Sorgente, which makes its debut at the event this year and cannot wait to compete with idols. "I really admire these guys, so to compete with them is wonderful. I'm Super happy to be here" he said.

This edition of Maresia Vert Jam brings a novelty: for the first time will be played the female category. Karen Jones, twice champion of the world female vert, Renata Paschinni, vice-champion Brazilian vert and Bia Sodré, twice champion of Brazilian banks will compete on Friday. The stop is valid for the Brazilian Championship vert feminine, but also for the overall competition.

Karen Jones was the first to compete with men in 2006. Today she celebrates the female race and encourages new women to join the sport. "I believe that I am an example for many girls who are starting, so I have to give my best. I get many emails saying that Brazil began to skate because of me. This is very gratifying" said Karen.
The Maresia Vert Jam will be livestream on Friday and Saturday. Sunday, the Globo TV broadcasts to end skateboard individual within the Sports Spectacular.

Bateria 1
1. Lecio Neguinho
2. Carlos Niglli
3. Rob Lorifice
4. Alex Sorgente
5. Nilo Peçanha
6. Ítalo Penarrubia
7. Sergio Negão
8. Marcelo Kosake

Bateria 2
1. Diego Bigode
2. Vitor Simão
3. Jimmie Wilkins
4. Otávio Neto
5. Raul Roger
6. Marco Aurélio Jeff
7. Sam Beckett
8. Cristiano Mateus

Pré-classificados para semifinal

1. Andy Macdonald
2. Mitchie Brusco
3. Jono Schwan
4. Paul Luc Ronchetti
5. Bob Burnquist
6. Pedro Barros
7. Sandro Dias
8. Dan Cesar
9. Marcelo Bastos
10. Edgard Vovô
11. Renton Millar
12. Rony Gomes

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