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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pedro Barros post Vert Jam contest

On February third 2013, worldwide Bowl Riding phenomenon and longtime friend Pedro Barros suffered from a virus during the Maresia Vert Jam and was sick as hell. It was though that he would not even make the final runs. But eventually, he broke everything loose on the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas’ ramp, in Rio de Janeiro, and won the first stage of Vertical Skate Championships.

Pedro Barros by Helge Tscharn 2013
Pedro Barros’ victories are getting repetitive: congratulations, Pedrinho. You are the man!

Evoke, one of Pedro Barro’s sponsor got a little bit more on that special day and published an interview (in Portuguese) on their website. For those who don’t speak Portuguese, here are some extracts, translated into plain English…

INTERVIEWER: How was your first championship win in a vertical world stage?
By looking at the picture, could you guess he was so sick that he was rushed to the hospital after the runs?
Image 100% Skate
Pedro Barros: This is the most important event in Brazil. There's a lot involved, globe, live broadcast, technical level and it’s still very cool being in Brazil. I had never won a Vert championship before and this one was fucking win!

INTERVIEWER: How running alongside skateboard legends give you a better handle of your current vert skills? Pedro Barros: That to me is not anything special, I'm already in the middle of my fourth year and I lived with my idols this time. In skateboarding, the most important and exciting is not winning over someone, but to excel.

INTERVIEWER: You were so sick during the contest, what happened? Pedro Barros:  I'm in bed now; I ended up in hospital after the championship. I had an attack of sinusitis along with a viral flu, fever and body ache. At the time of the championship, I focused too much for that moment and forget my body. It worked.

INTERVIEWER: Going one side more generally, who is the coolest skateboarder in your opinion? Pedro Barros: For real, my friends are my greatest admiration. Kakinho Leo, Marcelo Kosake, Vi Kakinho, Foil de Garotte and others. There are so many, you cannot talk about all of them!

INTERVIEWER: How do you define your style? Pedro Barros: I like everything on the skateboard. I dunno, I like speed.

Read more (Portuguese) on Evoke website

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, February 10, 2013 


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