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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pedro Barros wins Maresia World Vertical Skate Jam at Rio De Janeiro: results and highlights

Pedro Barros gets sick, recovers and wins Maresia World Vertical Skate Jam at Rio De Janeiro
Pedr0 Barros wins Mariesa Vert Jam in Rio de Janeiro
Appointed as successor to Bob and Sandro Dias, Pedro Barros spends about three months a year in California to hone the technique and skill in different modalities. Despite his young age, Pedri is already considered one of the greatest skaters today and even a pretendent for the SOTY 2013. It is a symbol of a new generation valuable, which has dominated the world circuit both in Bowl and in vert. “We are evolving every day. The older ones are the mirror for the kids, and there will always new faces breaking everything, is something supernatural – examined,” he says.
Pedro Barros
Pedro Barros, Vert, Skateboarding, Mariesa Vert Jam
Pedro Barros wins his very first title in Vert at the Mariesa Vert Jam in Rio de Janeiro
Pedro Barros awoke Sunday with little hope of leaving the champion carioca step Vertical Skate World. The night before, he had a virus, a fever and came to compete in the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas still feeling a little sick. But this was nothing that would prevent double Bowl skateboarding world champion and owner of three gold medals at the X Games to take the unprecedented title. The young Santa Catarina RTMF kid, only 17 years old, knocked the favorites and got the crowd in Rio de Janeiro. “I picked up a virus, I felt a little sick all night". 
Pedro Barros, the 17 years old Catarinense from Florianopolis demystified favorites and took the 2013
vert title of the World Cup Skateboarding  Maresia Vert Jam Carioca step in Rio
"I woke up with a headache because I have sinusitis, but I took medicine and came to compete. In those 45 seconds that you're back on the adrenaline is so great that you forget, but as soon as I stopped, I felt too breathless. I made some changes and 540 º flip. I was very happy to have won the stage” said Pedro, who had never won a competition of vertical skateboarding before. Although already considered one of the promises of the new generation, Pedro Barros was not one of the top favorites for the title Vert Skate Jam in Rio de Janeiro. Before him were several competitors like the current world champion,
Maresia Vert Jam 2013
Bob Burnquist , the American legend Andy Macdonald and Mitchie Brusco a 15 years old revelation, who all entered the race this Sunday with more moral champion to exit. However, the Santa Catarina kid, overcame the problems caused by a virus and surprised with quick turns, aggressive and different maneuvers, such as twist and a back flip. With 85 points, he took the unprecedented trophy and also earned 1,000 points in the World Cup Skateboarding rankings. Ron Gomes, who had led the race, finished second with 82.33, followed by Mitchie Brusco, with 71.67. Bob was fourth (71.67). In the first round, the American Jono Schwan opened the contest with a 720 °. The Brazilians Marcelo Bastos and Bob Burnquist, who had qualified for the final in second and third, erred and failed to complete their rounds. Cold and sick, Pedro Barros did not enter the race well and soon fell on the second wall. With the support of the crowd, the young American Mitchie Brusco, showed that he definitively at ease in the Rio de Janeiro ramp and also landed a 720 °. But the one who really sparkled during the first round was even Ron Gomes. The 21 years old skater showed much speed, new tricks and secured the best grade. In the second round, experienced Skaters such as Bob Burnquist, Marcelo Bastos and American Andy Macdonald risked and failed to complete their presentations. Mitchie Brusco also failed in the middle of his run. It was then that an already recovered Pedro Barros returned to the ramp. With much speed and flying high, he pleased the judges and the crowd. Pedro Barros’ score was strong enough to overtake Ron Gomes. The decisive turn became a duel between Pedro and his friends Ron, since the other six rivals did against the duo. Once again Pedro made a flawless presentation. The Santa Catarina ranged from 540 º and twists and led the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas crowd swoon. Ronnie Gomes was also good, but could not overcome Pedro. Ronnie Gomes said that: “This new generation trains and takes the sport very seriously. I was very focused at this stage, I trained a lot in my house this month (it has a half-pipe track at home in Atibaia) and got several variations of 540 º." This is a developing story, come back later for more comments, pictures and video... Mariesa Vert Jam Final Results 1 - Pedro Barros - 85 pontos 2 - Rony Gomes- 82.33 3 - Mitchie Brusco - 71.67 4 - Bob Burnquist - 71.67 5 - Jono Schwan - 70.67 6 - Marcelos Bastos - 70.33 7 - Jimmie Wilkins - 68.33 8 - Andy Macdonald - 51.33 Brazil Vert Jam previous years' results: 2002 - Sandro Dias 2003 - Rune Glifberg (DIN) 2004 - não teve 2005 - Bob Burnquist 2006 - Bob Burnquist 2007 - Sandro Dias 2008 - Bob Burnquist 2009 - Renton Millar (AUS) 2010 - Marcelo Bastos 2011 - Marcelo Bastos 2012 - Bob Burnquist 2013 - Pedro Barros

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, February 03, 2013 


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