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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ready for Bowl A Rama Wellington 2013

The Bowl A Rama has been consolidated as one of the most important circuits skateboard world.

Among all forms of Skate, this circuit is the closest bowl of a dream that every professional skateboarder would want to live. Traveling the world skateboarding.

The Bowl A Rama began with a stage in Australia in 2005, has expanded to New Zealand, then to USA for this year and now also Spain. Awards decent at all stages and VIP treatment for the skaters, all thanks to the visionary Chad Ford.

It seems that all these years, this circuit has become special and the proof is that the first stage of 2013 here in New Zealand will catch fire with the level of skaters that are already present to guarantee your place in the rest of the circuit.

Names like Brad MacLain, Kelvin Kowalski, Jack Fardell, Alex Sorgento, Nile, Otavo Neto, Pedro Barros, Josh Roberts, Josh Stafford, Ski Siljeg, Nolan Munroe, Matt Kuttai and the first participation as a professional, the newly operated Felipe Foil de Garotte .

On the first day of heating has to be noted that the level of this league will be absurd!

Do not miss the live broadcast this Friday on isTia.Tv at 22:00pm California time.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, February 14, 2013 


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