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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Malmo 2013: Vert Attack #7 Live Broadcast

Webcast SkateMalmo Vert Attack
Webcast Vert Attack

VA7 news 5 "Come give it some love" from Bryggeriet Skatepark

Webcast SkateMalmo
Webcast Vert Attack

Only a few days left now for Malmo 2013, BVert Attack #7. Here’s the final news show from Malmo before we go live with a webcast on Friday the 15th. You can watch the webcast right here on isTia.Tv.

Here’s the schedule for the weekend. Take notes!

Vert Attack 7 program

Thursday 14th
Practice 14.00- 23.00

Friday 15th
11.00 Skatepark opens
11.00-13.00 Registration and practice
13.00-14.30 Juniors quali=ication
14.30-18.00 Pro/Am quali=ication
18.00-20.00 Masters quali=ication
21.00 Skatepark closes
21.30 Park Inn, Vernissage + VertQuiz
24.00 Park inn bar closes
(22.00-01.00 Hängbar, Live: Wolfsblood + Holy)

11.00 Skatepark opens
11.00-13.00 Practice
13.00-13.30 Junior Final
14.00-15.30 Master Semi=inal
16.00-17.30 Pro/Am Semi=inal
18.00-18.30 Master Final
18.30-19.00 Pro/Am Final
19.00 Prizegiving
20.00 Skatepark closes
22.00 Afterparty Slagthuset
Bad Drugs, Odyssey, Djs, New Creature video, 60 kr before 23

Sunday 17th
Skatepark closed

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, March 13, 2013 


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